Daisy Lowe Says The Term ‘Plus Size’ Should No Longer Be In Use - EXCLUSIVE

Daisy Lowe says that the term ‘plus size’ should be made redundant by the fashion industry.

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In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Celebrity, the model vented her frustrations that labels like ‘plus size’ are still necessary despite the fashion industry making progress in recent years.

Speaking ahead of London Fashion Week, the former Vogue cover star said:

“I understand why I’m labeled a ‘curvy model’ – I have hips and breasts and bottom curves which I’m very proud of. Yes, next to a Size 4 catwalk girl I am much bigger.

“But I definitely think it’s a shame to have labels like ‘plus size’ – a model is a model. There is enough room for variation for all sizes to be represented and everyone should have moment to shine.

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“Saying that, I’ve been in industry for ten years now and it is changing. It’s much more welcoming – and that’s a wonderful triumphant thing.”

Daisy added that it’s taken her a while to accept herself and keep her perspective when surrounded by tiny fashion models.

“It’s taken me a while – but now at 27, I feel happy and I’ve learnt not to compare myself to anyone,” she told us.

Asked how she feels about women constantly being compared in the media, Daisy said that comparison can only ever have negative effects.

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“I think it’s so difficult – as women, and people, we are all individuals – comparing yourself is something is only ever detrimental. Someone is always going to be more beautiful, more intelligent, or even less beautiful and less intelligent whatever. If you compare yourself to yourself, then that’s healthy – comparing to others isn’t.”

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