Daleville fights park violence, vandalism, and burglaries with camera crackdown

DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDHN) — Daleville city officials making safety a priority by spending thousands of taxpayer’s dollars to install security measures at the park after several troubling incidents.

The city of Daleville is spending around $10,000 to put up surveillance cameras and more lighting at Culpepper Park.

This comes after there have been about five reported incidents at the park in the last 8 years — at least one happening just two weeks ago.

“Enough is enough when you get call after call and complaints about homeless being down there and doing things when kids are there and people fighting while people are having birthday parties and what’s sad is its grown folks doing most of it,” Mayor Stayton said.

Outside of the fights, the park has been a victim of vandalism like graffiti and their new concession stand being burglarized where candy was stolen just one week after it was built.

“Now they are trying to cut down on the bad behavior. Wiring work is taking place to put up lights under the pavilion and cameras that will overlook both playgrounds, one in the concession stand area, and possibly other areas in the park at a later date.

They will be monitored 24/7.

“Dispatch will have another screen to look at, the chief and captain and even myself can look at it from the phone in case we notice something suspicious,” Mayor Stayton.

One resident who goes to the park once or twice a week to ride his bike says it’s well-needed.

“It’s a big park so if you are out there and you were to get robbed or something nobody would see it would be great for safety and a quicker response time,” Mace Manley said.

Mayor Stayton said to go along with the security measures law enforcement will beef up their patrol as well.

“Nobody has been hurt and that’s what we are trying to prevent so if we post cameras maybe that will deter people from going out to start something,” Mayor said.

The cameras and lighting are expected to be installed within the next two weeks.

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