Dame Judi Dench's grandson mistaken for Ed Sheeran at concert

Ed Sheeran has a lookalike. (PA)
Ed Sheeran has a lookalike. (PA)

Ed Sheeran came to the rescue when his fans mobbed Dame Judi Dench’s grandson because they thought he was the singer.

Samuel Williams is something of a ringer for Sheeran, with a similar smile, hair and build.

So when fans spotted him at one of Sheeran's concerts they made a beeline for him, reported The Sun.

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The 24-year-old insisted that he wasn't the star but soon found himself surrounded by eager fans who wanted selfies.

Luckily, Shape Of You singer Sheeran asked a security guard to intervene.

Williams - who is a massive fan of the singer - told the publication: “I was in the crowd at one of his shows and a lot of people wanted their photo with me and it became very tight. People were jumping around and jumping over to get a photo.

“I was like, ‘I am not Ed Sheeran guys. Will you stop?’ And he sent out his security guard to make sure to come out and see I was all right."

When he met Sheeran, the star told him: "Oh yeah I sent him out. You needed the help."

Williams is the son of Finty Williams, Dame Judi’s daughter.

The Oscar-winning actor has previously been quoted as saying that her grandson gets “mobbed” because he resembles the chart-topper so much.

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And it has also been reported that the pop star was so wowed by his lookalike when they first met that he thought Williams might make a good body double for him.

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