New Dan Kitchener mural being created in Belfast City Centre

Dan Kitchener and Mitch of Crown Jesus Ministries -Credit:Justin Kernoghan
Dan Kitchener and Mitch of Crown Jesus Ministries -Credit:Justin Kernoghan

Renowned mural artist Dan Kitchener is creating a brand new mural in the heart of Belfast City Centre.

The mural on Bank Square will hope to show a vision of Belfast in the future and has been organised by Mitch of Crown Jesus Ministries and supported by a number of local businesses.

Speaking to Belfast Live, Mitch said that he wants to mural to be a gift to the people of Belfast and believes that it will brighten up the Bank Square area and hopefully encourage further artwork in the area.

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Mitch said: "I was in Miami earlier this year and went to a visit at Wynwood Street to see some of the wondeful street art and was blown away by a piece by the artist Dan Kitchener that has been the most photographed piece there.

"I thought his work as absolutely amazing and thought that it would be wonderful to have something similar in Belfast. However, when I returned home and showed the work to some of the people at the church who said that Dan had already created some amazing pieces in Belfast on the Ormeau and Shankill Roads.

Mitch of Crown Jesus Ministries -Credit: Justin Kernoghan
Mitch of Crown Jesus Ministries -Credit: Justin Kernoghan

"I got in touch with Dan and explained the vision that I had for the wall on Bank Square and he was very accomodating and keen to do more work in our lovely city.

"The aim of the piece is to show how Belfast may look in the future, with a few references to our history.

"We are very thankful for all of the support that we have received from local businesses and organisations to put this together and look forward to in being completed in the coming days."

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