Dan Walker shares 'amazing' news as teenagers are found 'safe and well'

The presenter said response to the show has been 'incredible'

Dan Walker said it was 'amazing' news. (Channel 5)
Dan Walker said it was 'amazing' news. (Channel 5)

Dan Walker is celebrating a serious win, after two teenagers featured on his Vanished show were found safe and well.

The latest instalment of the Crimewatch-style programme - which looks into missing persons cases across the UK – included Daniel Wawrzynczak, 15, and Grace Fisher, 16.

After it aired, the TV star said in a video on Instagram that they had both been found.

The post said Wawrzynczak “identified his whereabouts after watching the show” and that Fisher was “found after multiple sightings”.

“Hello, some amazing news from last night’s Vanished,” said Walker.

“Two of the teenagers that we featured - Daniel Wawrzynczak, who is 15, and 16-year-old Grace Fisher have both been found safe and well. Amazingly, Daniel was actually watching the programme."

“Thank you so much for watching," he said.

"Thank you for the response as well.

“It’s been incredible and it’s just amazing for the whole team at Vanished, to work on a programme which is genuinely making a difference.

"We've teamed up with police all around the UK and also with the charity Missing People.”

Vanished started after Nicola Bulley case

Walker announced Vanished earlier this year, following a one-off special on the search for Nicola Bulley, before her body was eventually found in the River Wyre.

It started at the end of March and included an interview with Joan Lawrence, whose daughter Claudia vanished 14 years ago, and viewers were gripped.

Many have praised Walker and Channel 5 for raising awareness of missing people and doing their bit to help.

Celebrity appeals

Madeline McCann anniversary
David Beckham took part in the appeal for Madeleine McCann. (PA Images/Alamy)

There is a long history of celebrities getting involved when people go missing, in a bid to raise awareness and get the story out there.

When Madeleine McCann disappeared in Praia da Luz in 2007, David Beckham was among the stars to back the appeal to find the then three-year-old.

He held up a missing poster as he appealed to the public to “please, please help” find McCann, who has never been found.

“We need to do everything possible to help the police,” said the footy ace.

Katie Price tried to help by tweeting about a missing teen. (PA Images/Alamy)
Katie Price tried to help by tweeting about a missing teen. (PA Images/Alamy)

In 2016, Katie Price was among the stars who took to Twitter after teenager Bethany Taylor went missing.

The 16-year-old vanished from north London and Price shared the details with her fans on the platform in a bid to get her home.

Other missing people shows

There have also been a host of other shows exploring missing people cases, such as Crimewatch, which started in 1984.

The series, which covers unsolved crimes, has had countless successes and has helped to turn up information on high-profile cases like the 2000 disappearance and murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne.

Another is the BBC’s Reported Missing, which follows police departments in the UK as they look for people who have vanished.

The Big Tweet

Simon Cowell joined in with 'The Big Tweet'. (NBC via Getty Images)

Simon Cowell is one of the celebs who have taken part in a Twitter campaign to help find missing children in the past.

The organisation Missing People carries out a 'Big Tweet' event, in which appeals for missing children are tweeted frequently for 24 hours.

"It’s that time of year again – missingpeople’s #TheBigTweet," the Britain's Got Talent boss told his followers as the event got under way in 2015.

"Hopefully we can reunite more missing children with their families this year.”

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