Who is Dan Walker and what is his 'massive' new job?

Channel 5 News and BBC Breakfast favourite Dan Walker has another new role under his belt - but what is it?

Dan Walker has another new job. (PA)
Dan Walker has another new job. (PA)

Broadcaster Dan Walker became the news when he quit BBC Breakfast for Channel 5 in 2022, and now as he announces another big career move we take a look at who the popular journalist is.

Walker is an English journalist and television presenter best known for his work on BBC Breakfast as well as his coverage of sports which included presenting BBC’s Football Focus and Match Of The Day. He replaced Bill Turnbull on the BBC Breakfast sofa in 2016.

In April 2022 Walker, who was a co-presenter on BBC Breakfast from 6am-9am every Monday to Wednesday with Sally Nugent, announced he was leaving the role after six years and he began 2024 by sharing that he had a "massive" new job at Classic FM - where he'll be back on breakfast show hours.

Dan Walker moves back to breakfast for Classic FM

He's still best known for his former role presenting BBC Breakfast, but while Walker swapped to the evening news for Channel 5 in 2022, he has now revealed he'll be activating the early alarm again for his new role.

Walker is joining radio station Classic FM as the new host of the station's breakfast show, which begins at an eye-watering 6.30am - although not quite as early as BBC Breakfast.

The broadcaster shared on Instagram on Wednesday: "I need to dust off the alarm clock! Really excited about joining the brilliant team at @classicfm. Massive job stepping into @timlihoreau’s shoes but I can’t wait to get started on the breakfast show. See you Monday from 630am. Off to my other job now at @c5news - see you tonight on the telly."

Dan Walker at Channel 5

Dan Walker left the BBC for Channel 5. (BBC)
Dan Walker left the BBC for Channel 5. (BBC)

Walker replaced news veteran Sian Williams as the new Channel 5 news anchor in a surprise move, that saw him announce he would also host a range of non-news programmes.

In a Twitter video, Walker said: “I’m really excited but this has also been a massive decision for me because I love BBC Breakfast, I love working alongside Sally (Nugent) and I love the team there. But Channel 5 came with big ambitions, with big plans and I don’t think opportunities like this come around very often and I can’t wait.”

Dan Walker at the BBC

Dan Walker alongside BBC Breakfast co-host Sally Nugent
Dan Walker alongside BBC Breakfast co-host Sally Nugent

As well as co-presenting BBC Breakfast, Walker made his name at the BBC presenting Football Focus, which he had done for 12 years leaving at the conclusion of the 2020/21 football season.

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Walker also sporadically presented BBC’s flagship football programme Match Of The Day as well as the networks coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympics and Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Dan Walker on Strictly

Dan Walker and Nadia Bychkova reached the quarter finals of the competition
Dan Walker and Nadia Bychkova reached the quarter finals of the competition

Walker also participated on the iconic Strictly Come Dancing with dancing professional Nadia Bychkova. Walker remarkably reached the quarter-finals of the 2021 competition.

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Walker paid tribute to Bychkova upon the pair's elimination: “When I go back to the first day when I was asked to dance in front of some glitter balls. At that point, if there had been a fire exit, I felt that uncomfortable I’d have just walked away.

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“But this amazing woman grabbed me by the hand, and brought me out onto this dance floor. I’m not a dancer, but she showed me that I can dance.”

Dan Walker’s religion

Dan Walker has shared the importance of his faith. (BBC)
Dan Walker has shared the importance of his faith. (BBC)

Walker is a practising Christian and is the son of the minister of a local church.

In an interview with Sorted magazine, he said: “My faith plays a very significant part of my life. I don’t take much seriously in life except for my faith and my family. I believe that if you have a strong faith in Jesus Christ, it has to make a difference to how you live your life. It is the most important thing about me and I can’t imagine life without Jesus.”

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While on Strictly, an exception was made for Walker on the Halloween edition of the contest who chose to dress as a lobster alongside professional Nadia, whereas other contestants dressed up in spooky costumes.

Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova dressed up as lobsters in the Halloween edition of Stritcly (credit: BBC)
Dan Walker and Nadiya Bychkova dressed up as lobsters in the Halloween edition of Strictly (credit: BBC)

Walker explained the decision by saying: “Lots of people did ask me actually about what lobsters have got to do with Halloween. I should tell you, we don’t celebrate Halloween in our house and I’ve got to say a huge thank you to Strictly because they enabled me to be a part of that programme without sort of doing Halloween."

Dan Walker’s wife

Walker is married to Sarah Walker whom he met while studying for his masters degree in journalism at the University of Sheffield in 1999. Dan and Sarah have three kids, Susanna, Jessica and Chuck, as well as adorable pet pooch Winnie.

The Walker household currently resides in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

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