Dan Walker forgot his trousers for today's Channel 5 news show

Channel 5 News - Dan Walker. (Channel 5)
Dan Walker is the new co-host of Channel 5 News. (Channel 5)

Dan Walker has revealed that he forgot his wardrobe for today's edition of Channel 5 News.

The TV presenter tweeted that he left his shirt and trousers at home and set off without them.

He then detailed that an employee of pub The Waterman came to his rescue: "Forgot my TV trousers and shirt today so thanks to Nash at @WatermanCam for lending me an iron and an ice cool glass of water. What a man."

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Walker then confirmed that he would be on Channel 5 News as usual: "We are live on 5, at 5 talking about the weather @5_News."

Channel 5 News - Dan Walker & Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije. (Channel 5)
Dan Walker presents Channel 5 News with Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije. (Channel 5)

Walker recently joined Channel 5 after working for the BBC since 2008. With his new channel, Walker will co-host Channel 5 News with Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije and also front a number of other programmes for the broadcaster.

The former Football Focus presenter talked to his former Breakfast co-host Sally Nugent about his decision to join Channel 5: "I've never ever been motivated by money in any job that I've ever taken, and even though I've loved working at BBC Breakfast and everybody who works on the show, this is a fantastic opportunity to work with a brilliant team at Channel 5."

After announcing his departure from Breakfast, Walker was shocked by the messages he received wishing him good luck: "I should also say thank you so much for so many lovely messages yesterday. I said to you, 'I don't think anybody will care.' But I've had so many lovely messages from BBC Breakfast viewers and loads of other people as well."

Dan Walker previously hosted BBC Breakfast with Sally Nugent. (BBC)
Dan Walker previously hosted BBC Breakfast with Sally Nugent. (BBC)

Walker began hosting Breakfast in 2016 with Louise Minchin before being partnered with Nugent after Minchin departed in 2021.

As well as his duties on Breakfast, Walker was recognised for his sports coverage, hosting Football Focus and The NFL Show.

He also previously competed on Strictly Come Dancing.

Watch below: Dan Walker makes Channel 5 news debut.