Dancer tragically killed in 'sex game gone wrong' before boyfriend found dead

Georgia May Brooke, of Ossett, died in Bradford Royal Infirmary in the early hours of Friday, February 4, 2022
Georgia May Brooke, of Ossett, died in Bradford Royal Infirmary in the early hours of Friday, February 4, 2022 -Credit:MEN MEDIA

A dancer was tragically killed in a 'sex game gone wrong' shortly before her 'controlling' boyfriend took his own life, an inquest has ruled. Georgia May Brooke died in the early hours of Friday February 4, 2022 after being rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary.

The 26-year-old's boyfriend, Luke Cannon, was found dead later that day, having taken his own life. During the inquest, a coroner today determined Ms Brooke from Ossett, West Yorkshire was "unlawfully killed".

It was revealed Georgia's death was caused by 'manual strangulation', compounded by the use of 'party drug' GHB and cocaine. Georgia's mother, Samantha Beaumont, emotionally recounted her daughter's life and achievements during the inquest, reports the Mirror.

Samantha tearfully described Georgia as a talented and dedicated dancer who had excelled in dance exams and earned a scholarship to a renowned performing arts school in London. She had been working as a dancer in Crete and was excited about returning to Greece when she died.

The loss has left the family shattered, Samantha said during the inquest, reports Yorkshire Live. "The impact on my family has been huge. We are devastated beyond belief. Georgia has gone, leaving a huge hole."

Georgia was a professional dancer
Georgia was a professional dancer -Credit:Georgia May Brooke/Facebook

Samantha also shared how her daughter's personality changed after meeting Luke, describing his behaviour as 'manic and hyperactive' while Georgia became 'submissive'. She accused Luke of being 'controlling'.

Following the tragic death of Georgia, her mother Samantha revealed she was informed her daughter had been 'strangled during sex', and she believes Luke was responsible for her demise. The inquest heard paramedics were called to a house in Thornbury, Bradford, where they discovered Georgia in cardiac arrest.

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Her boyfriend, Luke, confessed to a paramedic they had been consuming alcohol and a 'sex drug' known as 'G' - GHB. A doctor, who examined Georgia at Bradford Royal Infirmary, stated it seemed Georgia had been dead for a longer period than what Luke had indicated. An examination revealed purple 'ligature marks' around Georgia's neck.

A nurse who conversed with Luke at Bradford Royal Infirmary disclosed he admitted they had been using GHB for a 'euphoric sensation' during their intimate moments. The nurse described Luke as agitated, similar to someone under the influence of cocaine.

The nurse further revealed Luke mentioned Georgia had started experiencing shortness of breath before passing out. The inquest was informed Luke had exited the hospital through a fire exit and was later found hanged nearby.

In a statement, a friend described Georgia and Luke's relationship as one fuelled by "sex and drugs", adding they would often "choke each other". The friend characterised Luke as 'manipulative', portraying him as a 'loud mouth and ladies' man.

The court heard while some knew Luke as a property developer, one witness alleged he was involved in drug dealing. His landlord revealed Luke had previously worked as a personal trainer and owned his own gym.

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