'Dangerous' thug left man so badly injured officers believed he had died

Steven Paterson
Steven Paterson -Credit:Lancs Police

A man has been jailed for a horrific attack which left a man so badly injured police officers thought he was dead.

Steven Paterson, 35, set upon the man in a drunken fury at his victim's home on Bolton Road, Darwen, on October 26 last year. That morning, Paterson had been seen at a local Londis store, being rude and aggressive towards staff and the man he was with.

"He was spoiling for a fight", the Honorary Recorder of Preston, Judge Robert Altham said.


When officers arrived they found Paterson who was "extremely aggressive and drunk". His victim "was in a condition which led them to believe he may already be dead", Judge Altham said.

The man, who lived at the flat, had bites taken out of both ears, fractures to his nose and eye sockets, a punctured lung and several fractured ribs. Blood stains to the flat showed he had been subjected to a sustained attack in the bedroom or lounge area which had continued downstairs.

In a victim impact statement, the man said he remembered little about the attack. Following the incident he spent a month in hospital and now lives in a care home. He spent time and money furnishing the flat in Bolton Road but feels unable to return, Preston Crown Court heard.

He can only walk a short distance unaided and is awaiting corrective surgery to his ears.

Paterson, of Cavendish Street, Darwen, pleaded guilty to Section 18 GBH with intent.

The court heard he has previous convictions for drunk violence, including an attack on his uncle and an incident where he punched his mother in the face. However his partner said she was "disappointed" in what he did on October 26 as it "doesn't fit with the man I know."

Sentencing, Judge Altham said: "I am perfectly satisfied that there is a significant risk of this defendant causing serious harm by the commission of further specified offences, due to the ferocity of the attack, the serious injuries and the previous violence in his record.

"I agree with the author of the presentence report - it seems to me this is a defendant who when he has had a drink is likely to indulge in sustained violence without care for the consequences.

"I note that the defendant can be capable, when sober, of being a hard working man. The problem is when he drinks he becomes dangerously violent."

He sentenced Paterson to nine years and five months for the attack with a five year extended licence to protect the public.

Tony Roberts, of Blackburn CID, said: “This was a sickening and callous attack which has left Paterson’s victim with life-threatening injuries. Nothing can justify the ferocious violence used in the attack, which included the victim losing part of his ears.

“I welcome the significant sentence handed down to Paterson which reflects the very real danger he presents to the public.”

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