Daniel Bedingfield eyes comeback after ditching pop to become a farmer

Daniel Bedingfield wants to make new music credit:Bang Showbiz
Daniel Bedingfield wants to make new music credit:Bang Showbiz

Daniel Bedingfield is ready to make a music comeback after quitting the industry to become a farmer.

The 44-year-old star enjoyed huge success with hits like 'Gotta Get Thru This' and 'If You're Not The One' in the early 2000s but turned his back on singing so he could try to "reverse climate change" with his Los Angeles farm and has now admitted that he wants to head back to the charts.

He told The Sun: "Coming from that single-minded focus of music and something that must make me feel epic when I listen to it... I want to make it so when other people hear it it blows their socks off, that's quite hard to step off a drive that intense.

"So I focused it on learning languages and trying to reverse climate change, honestly. Trying to figure out regenerative practices, aggro farming, so I just learnt a lot of that.

"It's the same level of intensity, the eco-system's being destroyed by human hands and we have to do something to reverse it, and I just put that same intensity into something else.

"And now that drum 'n' bass and garage is back then I can do both."

Last month, Daniel - who is the older brother of 'Unwritten' singer Natasha Bedingfield - announced three UK shows to take place in April he has now reflected on the "incredible drive" he had as a child who was inspired by the likes The Beatles and The Beach Boys to succeed in music.

He said: "The goal to make epic music, to push garage forward, to push drum 'n' bass forward, to impress my peers, to impress me, we'd listen to each other's stuff, we'd try and make the next song that each other goes crazy about, kind of like The Beach Boys and The Beatles did.

"That's incredibly driven for a nine-year-old until my early teens."