Danny DeVito confirms he and Arnold Schwarzenegger are working together on film about ‘two friends’

Danny DeVito has confirmed he and Arnold Schwarzenegger are going to working together in a film for the first time in 30 years.

The actor, 79, and Arnold, 76, who first starred with each other as unlikely brothers in 1998’s ‘Twins’ as well as two other movies in the 1990s, have been rumoured since last year to be planning a new project.

Danny has now told CNN: “We’re working on something – a project that we’re going to do together – another movie.

“Arnold and I are good buddies. We met way before ‘Twins’, years ago.

“We get along really well.”

As well as ‘Twins’, Danny and Arnold starred together in the 1994 comedy ‘Junior’, a year after Danny had a role in Arnold’s ‘The Last Action Hero’ as the voice of a cartoon cat detective.

‘Matilda’ actor Danny first teased a potential reunion with Arnold in a GQ interview in November.

Referencing his friend’s tenure as governor of California from 2003 to 2011, Danny joked: “We missed ‘Twins 2’, because he became governor – which, he should have done ‘Twins 2’ instead of becoming governor.”

A follow-up to ‘Twins’ has been rumoured for years, including talk of a sequel titled ‘Triplets’ starring comics Eddie Murphy and Tracy Morgan.

Danny told CNN he and Arnold’s upcoming project is about “just two friends, two guys”.

He added: “We complement each other in a lot of ways. I am way stronger than he is.

“We’re hoping that sooner than later, we’ll have a nice script to go to work.”

Danny and Arnold appeared as presenters at the 96th Oscars ceremony on 10 March, introducing the best visual effects and best film editing categories.

They used their spot to poke fun at them both having the experience of being beaten up by Batman on screen, and Danny said about the appearance: “It’s just so much fun and we kept it a surprise as much as we could. We didn’t tell anybody and that was fun going out there and it was a big, good reception.”