Danny DeVito Updates New Movie With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Talks Viral ‘Batman’ Oscar Reunion

Danny DeVito is opening up about plans for his new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“We really want to work together and we’ve been talking about it for quite a while,” DeVito said to ET on the red carpet for Poolman. “We’re onto something now, we have a script being written.”

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He wouldn’t give details on whether the project will be a sequel to any of their previous collaborations, Twins or 1994’s Junior — but said that they already have a major studio behind them.

“As soon as that comes in, we’ll know better. But we’ll do it at Warner Brothers, so there you go,” DeVito said.

The Schwarzenegger/DeVito chemistry is a proven commodity.

“He’s a good buddy, you know? He’s just a good pal. So you know, and we go together, kind of. We fit, right?” he said.

Reunions of the two are gaining steam. In February, the duo did a Super Bowl commercial for State Farm. They also did promo for the spot and talked about the plans for the new film.

“When we lost Ivan (director Reitman), rest his soul, we were about to work with him again on a sequel for Twins,” DeVito said. “I think where my head is — and I think Arnold’s in the same spot — we want to work together. We want to do another movie together, whether it’s a sequel or a new element that’s another story. Just has to be good, funny, entertaining for us that fits with our characters, and what people want to see. And that’s what we’re aiming for.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s a chemistry and you cannot make that up with acting or anything like that,” Schwarzenegger added. “It is the number one most important thing — you’ve got to like each other, respect each other and you just click. When we did Twins, we recognized when we did the first few scenes how much fun we were together and how Danny plays off me and I play off Danny. It’s just a match made in heaven, really.”

Schwarzenegger and DeVito also teamed to present at the 2024 Academy Awards, presenting for Outstanding Editing.

“Arnold and I are presenting together tonight for a very obvious reason,” said DeVito on stage.

“We both tried to kill Batman,” Schwarzenegger joked in response before launching into an anti-Batman rant.

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