Danny Murphy: It is time for West Ham to be sensible and build again

Danny Murphy
Tough transition | The Hammers have won just six league games at their new stadium: Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United via Getty Images

West Ham simply must make a better job of recruitment this summer, assuming they stay in the top flight.

Think about quality, not quantity. If you bring in players on big contracts, make sure they are better than the ones you have. Otherwise, you put a few noses out of joint.

Generally, players don’t care if others are earning a little bit more, as long as they are happy with their own contracts.

A good agent will ensure he knows exactly what every player at your club is earning, so he can use that information when negotiating a new deal for you. If he is doing his job well, his players should always be happy with their agreements.

But when someone comes in who is not at the required level, you do get a bit frustrated. You might talk to one of your mates and say: “I can’t believe he is earning so much. He’s rubbish.”

So the key for West Ham is not to panic or try to solve problems that didn’t exist.

With the move to a new stadium and the loss of Dimitri Payet, it has been a tough season but it looks as though they will survive. It’s time to be sensible and build again.