Dark Smoke Billows From 85-Vehicle Pileup on Interstate Near Beloit, Wisconsin

Approximately 85 vehicles were involved in a crash between Beloit and Janesville in Rock County, Wisconsin, leaving at least 21 people injured on Friday, January 27, according to the Wisconsin State Patrol (WSP).

The WSP said that accident, which blocked the interstate from both directions, was caused by “snow, ice and whiteout conditions.”

Video posted by Raquel Nortier on Friday shows smoke and fire from several vehicles involved in the crash in Rock County.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation warned drivers to be cautious of “slippery stretches” as “bitter cold temperatures” impact the state. Credit: Raquel Nortier via Storyful

Video transcript

- Holy crap. People, look at this.



- Jackknifed.

- Something bad happened. Holy crap.

That is just billowing.

Dear Lord. We pray for these people. I hope everyone is OK.

- Right.

- I'm not a very good news anchor. So sad. So scary.

- Hope there isn't something explosive in those.

- Me too.

- They got out there pretty quick, those firemen. They got right out there. Going after it.

- So scary.


- Look at this guy's dash. You should videotape that! What dash? Where-- oh.


- It was this full! Did you see that?

- Yes.

- His defrost can't even work.