Darragh Ennis says 'you will absolutely hate yourselves' as The Chase contestants leave empty-handed

Darragh had some words to share at the end of the show
Darragh had some words to share at the end of the show -Credit:ITV

Chaser Darragh Ennis told contestants they will 'absolutely hate' themselves as they walked away from the ITV studios empty-handed.

The Chase host Bradley Walsh welcomed four new faces to the ITV quiz in Wednesday's episode, all with hopes of taking home a portion of a life-changing jackpot from the show.

Dan, Becky, Trisha and Zayn were pitted up against Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis in the brain-buster, and didn't exactly get off to a terrific start. Zeyn managed to answer five questions correctly in his cash-builder, but during the head to head he answered three questions incorrectly, letting The Menace catch him with ease.

Things looked a little brighter when Trisha made it home with a cool £4,000, with teaching assistant Becky following suit with a grand. Dan would also impress in his cash-builder, landing £7,000 from seven correct questions and making it home to boost the total cash pot to £12,000.

However, the Final Chase wouldn't go as planned for the hopefuls - who managed to answer just 12 questions correctly between the three of them in their two minute timeframe. Darragh would ultimately catch them with 32 seconds left on the clock, leaving the group to walk away empty-handed.

And to make matters worse, the Chaser had some stinging opinions to share after his victory. Addressing the contestants after the dust had settled, Darragh, said: "I think you'll look back at that final chase when this comes out and you will absolutely hate yourselves.

"You missed questions that you all knew and as soon as you said the wrong answer I could see you rolling your eyes. And that would have put you up 16, 17, 18 and me under real pressure and you would have had a good chance of winning the money."

And social media users were also quick to share their insights as the show came to a close. One wrote: "Caught with enough time to make a cup of tea," while a second added: "Shame. Nice team."

A third went on: "Well I caught the tail end of that show and honestly, enraged me beyond belief. Not a great start to the day. Until next time," while a fourth said: "Well done Darragh."