Dashcam shows reckless UK driver spin out of control on icy roads narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic

A reckless driver was caught on a dashcam spinning out of control on icy roads and only just missing oncoming traffic during the early morning rush hour. The footage shows the two lanes of traffic with one driver trying to overtake on the outside lane on the A322 towards the M3. The car speedily joins the dual carriageway and loses control, going side to side before mounting the central reservation and into oncoming traffic. The car narrowly avoids getting hit by an array of oncoming drivers before it finally comes to a halt. Mechanical engineer Stephen Stanbury, 35, captured the moment on the way to his work. Stephen, from Reading, Berkshire, said: "I drove to my workplace this morning on my usual work route, which is driving down the nine-mile road. "I joined the A322 travelling southbound to drive down the M3, this incident happened at 0600 in the morning, as you can see from the video there is a roundabout. "After going straight on, I notice there is a car in the middle reservation I eased of but the Jaguar next to me speeding ahead saw it last minute and moved to avoid it. "But with the icy roads, lost control and ended up on the incoming traffic's side of the road, luckily he didn't hit anyone and no one was hurt this time." Stephen also claimed that the same driver eventually sped past him further down the road while still on his way to work. He added: "He didn't learn his lesson. As he got back on my side and sped past me after, I did slow down on that road till I came off later, but the car did overtake me again. "So he must have made up the time he lost on his journey by getting back on the right side of the road and managing to overtake me again." The Met Office has issued a Yellow Ice Warning for the area as temperatures plummeted across the country with snow in some parts. The footage was filmed on January 17.