Dates you can get a free taxi in and around Liverpool

Former Everton FC player Theo Walcott has partnered with Extra Gum
-Credit: (Image: Extra Gum)

Free taxi rides in and around Liverpool are being offered - but only on certain days.

Extra Gum is providing taxi rides to help fans enjoy the UEFA European Football Championships. The free service comes as new research reveals that nearly half of England residents (45%) are worried that everyday micro-stressors will interfere with their enjoyment of the games.

Teaming up with former Everton FC player Theo Walcott and the Football Association, the chewing gum company is stepping in to help fans enjoy the summer of sport.

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The company will be offering free taxi rides across the country on England match days.

Fronted by ex-footballing forward, Theo Walcott, each taxi ride will provide a “relaxing space equipped with Extra chewing gum and motivational pep talks” from players Joe Gomez, Ezri Konza, and James Maddison to get customers game-ready.

Football legend Theo Walcott said: “I’ve partnered with Extra Gum because I know firsthand the excitement and pressure that comes with big games like the UEFA European Championship.

“This summer I’m happy to help fans focus on the fun and excitement of the game rather than the stress of getting there. We all need a little lift sometimes, and this is a great way to start the match on a positive note, with some Extra Gum and a pep talk providing the ultimate pre-match me-moment.”

The taxis will be available in London, Manchester, and Liverpool on the 20th and 25th of June, 2024.

If you spot an Extra Gum branded taxi, simply hail it down, and it will take you to your chosen venue to watch the England game in your city.

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