Daughter tells father he is going to be a grandad with 'Love Actually'-style handwritten placards

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This is the moment a man cried as he discovered he's going to be a grandad - when his daughter announced her pregnancy with 'Love Actually'-style handwritten placards.

Wayne England, 60, is stunned when Isobell England, 28, gives him the news in scenes inspired by the rom-com.

Isobell had been trying for a baby with partner Scott Thackeray, 35, for six months when she told Wayne, from Selby, North Yorkshire, the big news. 

After the announcement, his friends told her Wayne "hadn't stopped crying and hadn't ever seen a more proud man."

Isobell, from South Milford, North Yorkshire, said: "His kids are his life and this is his first grandchild. 

''He's an amazing dad so will be the best grandad in the world."

Grandad-to-be Wayne was travelling in Albir, Spain in his new motorhome with some friends after retiring last year.

Isobell and her siblings Gemma England, 35, and Jamie England, 26, had planned to go out to visit him for his birthday on January 11 this year.

She said: "My brother, sister and I had planned to go to Spain to celebrate his special birthday with him however due to Covid we couldn't. 

"I'd only known since New Year's Eve myself about the pregnancy so didn't want to tell people that soon, but I wanted to still ensure his birthday was special and I knew this would be the best present."

Office Manager Isobell had already sent her dad a scratch card-type reveal but the postal service was backed up due to the pandemic so she had to think of another idea.

She took inspiration from beloved Richard Curtis rom-com 'Love Actually', where a character proclaims his love through a series of handwritten cards.

Isobell's Brother-in-law Jamie Slinger, 19, posted the reveal on his TikTok where it quickly went viral, racking up nearly 300,000 views and over 60,000 likes.

The expectant mum is due to have her baby boy on August 27.