Dave Chappelle attacker suing Hollywood Bowl security for negligence

A man who rushed the stage and attacked comedian Dave Chappelle during a show in 2022 is now suing the venue where the incident took place and the security who failed to stop him.

Isaiah Lee, who served 270 days in jail after pleading no contest to charges related to the attack, is now claiming the Hollywood Bowl’s security brutally beat him and also allowed Chappelle’s people to attack him during the event.

Lee, who describes himself as bisexual and previously homeless in the legal docs, says that he rushed the stage because he was triggered by Chappelle’s jokes, reported TMZ.

Because the venue knew of Chappelle’s propensity to tell controversial jokes, Lee claims they should have prepared a more thorough security detail, and is suing them for negligence and battery.

He says he suffered back injuries, loss of mobility and a dislocated elbow in the incident, and adds that a knife in the shape of a gun, which was found on the scene, fell out of his pocket when he rushed the stage and was not something he pulled on Chappelle.

Chappelle himself is not a defendant in the lawsuit. Lee is taking aim at only the Hollywood Bowl and its security.