David Attenborough's new BBC show praised as 'first class' by viewers

The documentary explores the discovery of the giant skull of a pliosaur

Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster (BBC)
David Attenborough's new documentary Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster has received huge praise from viewers. (BBC)

David Attenborough has been celebrated by viewers for delivering a new "first class" documentary with the BBC titled Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster.

The documentary sees the acclaimed broadcaster explore the discovery of the giant skull of a pliosaur, which was found in Dorset and helps bring new understanding of the prehistoric creature. The film examines not just this, but also how the skull was excavated and the efforts that were made interpret the find in order to learn more about the creature.

Released on New Year's Day, Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster delighted viewers with some taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts on it. The documentary was hailed as being "first class" and marks Attenborough's return to the BBC following the release of Our Planet II in October.

One person was so impressed with the documentary they wrote: "Just wow !! Another first class production from the BBC"

Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster (BBC)
Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster explores the discovery of a giant skull of a pliosaur in Dorset which gives us insight into the prehistoric creature like never before. (BBC)

While another heaped praise on Attenborough for his continued work as a naturalist, with the viewer writing: "We know that #DavidAttenborough is a giant of all humanity. Not only is he a magnificent defender of life on our planet he is able to inspire at age 97."

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There was one viewer who was delighted with the documentary, writing: "This programme on the #giantseamonster is fascinating. To find a fossil from an animal 150 million years ago and how they restored it is mind blowing."

Similarly, there was another viewer who said the documentary was "absolutely amazing doc, loved seeing #DavidAttenborough superb."

One viewer took the opportunity to share praise for Prof. of Evolution and Palaeobiology Neil Gostling and the University of Southhampton which took part in the documentary, saying it was "wonderful" that the institution was able to appear in the "amazing documentary."

Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster (BBC)
David Attenborough said the discovery was 'a dream of a lifetime'. (BBC)

Speaking about the discovery, and documentary, Attenborough spoke to the BBC about it and said of the pliosaur: "The facts are dramatic enough that you don’t need to build up pictures with words, I mean, here is a thing the size of a London bus, moving faster than anything you can imagine of that size, with huge jaws, armed with these extraordinary teeth, which was able to tear apart the ichthyosaurs - there's no creature alive today in any way comparable to this enormous carnivorous giant.

"That's what sets your imagination alight when you think about it. And of course, the scientists themselves are as thrilled about it, perhaps even more than you will be. It's their lifetime's work, isn't it? It's a dream of a lifetime."

Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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