David Beckham wins court case against counterfeiters

David Beckham has won a legal battle against dozens of online counterfeiters.

The former football star took action against online sellers touting fake versions of his designer clothes and accessories.

DB Ventures (DBV), of which Beckham is a director, had been seeking up to $2 million (£1.6 million) from each of 150 online sellers, mostly in Asia, who it claimed were profiting from the racket.

DBV looks after the star's most lucrative deals and had filed a lawsuit in the US, as reported by The Sun newspaper.

Paperwork from the case shows the counterfeiters were selling via sites including Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

The items included clothing, shirts and footwear, footballs, perfume, hair and bodycare products, posters, video games, eyewear, jewellery and watches.

The complaint stated: "Their sale poses a real threat to DBV's brand, and affects the sustainability of its business. It also affects individuals and companies who unwittingly purchase them."

Last August, Beckham was granted a temporary injunction and asset freeze.

The judge has now made these permanent.

The court order also granted DBV's motion for a default judgment against 44 of the defendants - awarding $9,960 (£8,000) for every infringement.

The $438,000 (£352,000) total award is substantially less than the $300 million (£240 million) Becks' team was seeking from the 15 firms combined.