David Beckham's Disney+ docuseries axed after 'low ratings' - report

David Beckham's Disney+ docuseries reportedly "didn't get the ratings" to convince TV bosses to renew it for a second season.

The football-based reality show, Save our Squad, saw David mentor an Under-14s football team in East London, near where he grew up.

The team had failed to win a game in their league all season, and David, 48, turned up to help save the Westward Boys from relegation, mentoring them and helping them train.

The first season aired in 2022, and it was believed everyone involved in the show hoped it would continue for a second season.

However, "the bosses at Disney were thrilled to sign David for Save Our Squad. They felt it was a real coup. But unfortunately, they didn’t get the ratings so they decided to stop after the one series," a source told the Mirror.

The poor ratings were in stark contrast with David's Netflix documentary, Beckham, which aired last October.

The four-part series gave an insight into David's marriage to Victoria, their family life and David's footballing career. The first episode had over 3.8 million views.