David Cameron sent gloating ‘revenge text’ to Boris Johnson over Michael Gove’s betrayal

David Cameron sent his old pal Boris Johnson a ‘gloating’ text after Michael Gove stabbed him in the back in the Conservative leadership contest, according to a new book.

Former London Mayor Boris was a frontrunner to become the next Prime Minister but pulled out of the contest when Mr Gove - who campaigned for Brexit alongside Boris - threw his hat in the ring.

According to the book ‘All Out War’ by journalist Tim Shipman, Mr Cameron sent a text to Boris that said: “You should have stuck with me, mate.”

Old friends: Michael Gove destroyed Boris Johnson’s leadership ambitions (Rex)

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One cabinet member described Mr Cameron as “the happiest I have seen him in a long time” on the day Mr Gove decided to stand against Boris.

Mr Cameron, who backed Britain staying in the EU, had already declared that he was resigning as Prime Minister after the country voted for Brexit.

Extracts of the book, published in the Sunday Times, also appear to back up previous reports that Andrea Leadsom was set to work for Boris and Mr Gove’s teams but decided to run for herself after a tweet was not sent.

Rival: Andrea Leadsom launched her own leadership bid after a tweet was not sent (Rex)

She apparently text Boris saying: “I am very sorry Boris and Michael but it was very clear I needed a public statement this evening.

“I would have been really keen to work with you but I am now going to submit my nomination papers.”

The book states that Mr Gove decided to run following Ms Leadsom’s decision to go it alone.

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