David Lynch Teases New Project for June 5 in Most Cryptic Way Possible

We’ve been here before.

Just writing that automatically makes one sound like a David Lynch character. Or perhaps even more perfectly Lynchian: “It’s happening again.” Yes, it’s true: David Lynch has taken to Twitter/X to announce a new project — er, something — for June 5.

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Rumors have abounded ever since his last project, “Twin Peaks: The Return,” wrapped on Showtime in 2017, that another project was in the works. About what, who can say, but the total and complete lack of information certainly has not prevented speculation.

This sure sounds like something of import this time, though.

“Ladies and gentleman, something is coming along…. for you to see and hear,” Lynch said in his X video on Memorial Day, May 25. “And it will be coming along on June 5.”

Love the way he says “June Five” rather than “June Fifth.”

Could this be just the resumption of him giving daily On Kawara-style weather report videos on his X feed on June 5? Absolutely. Could it be something to do with the David Lynch Foundation and/or transcendental meditation? Always a possibility. Could it actually be another film or TV project? Cinephiles can dream. And as it’s something you can “see and hear,” and cinema and TV are composed of images and sounds that we can “see and hear,” this is maybe more than a dream.

We do know that Netflix rejected his proposed animated feature, cowritten with Caroline Thompson (“The Nightmare Before Christmas”), which would have been called “Snootworld.” And he separately had a series set up at Netflix called “Unrecorded Night,” which was scrapped during the pandemic. There was also a rumor a couple years ago that he would have a new film at Cannes 2022, which proved to be entirely false (though we wish we lived in the timeline where it did).

All we know for certain is that Lynch had taken to his Twitter feed for much of 2020, 2021, and 2022, doing everything from criticizing Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to remembering late “Twin Peaks” songstress Julee Cruise. Then suddenly, in December 2022, his use of Twitter stopped. Until now. Was that delay because of this project?

June 5 can’t come quickly enough. Until then, enjoy his list of Lynch’s own favorite movies.

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