David Tennant attempts the BAFTA 60 second challenge


For film and television fans, BAFTA Guru is a terrific source of talks and lectures from some of our most loved actors, directors and writers in the industry, which can range from 8 minutes to over an hour.

Regularly though, they throw out a little 60 second challenge of quick fire questions, and this week, it was David Tennant’s turn.

Tongue firmly in cheek, the 10th Doctor claimed not to understand the competitive element and who he was being challenged by: “Is it BAFTA as an organisation”, he asks, “makes them sound slightly sinister,” then whispers: “Maybe they are!” Then he was off and running:

Watching TV as a tiny child made him want to become an actor - shows like Dr.Who, of course, while three words to sum up his job were “little bit silly”! The first thing he does when he comes off a long shoot is to get back on the school run (aww) and his fantasy dinner guests include Shakespeare (there’s a surprise) the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, and the Master of Suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock.


The best bit of advice he was ever given: “You’re not as nice as you think you are!”

And the three things he’s need to do his job are memory and an alarm clock. That’s it, only two! The advice he would give to his 16 year old self? None - his 16 year old self had far more belief and self confidence than his 45 year old self does!

Did he win, did he beat BAFTA? No, it actually took 1.30!

Since leaving Dr Who, Tennant is best known for playing Detective Inspector Alec Hardy in Broadchurch. However, he dipped his toes back into the land of the Geeks last year, starring in Marvel’s Netflix show, Jessica Jones, as Kilgrave, a mysterious man from her past who can read minds. Fans were creeped out, seeing and hearing their favourite Doctor play evil. From Twitter, @This JayThomas quipped: “Watching #JessicaJones is ruining David Tennant’s run on #DoctorWho for me. Suddenly I’m seeing them less as companions and more as hostages”.


The portrayal won the actor two awards, The People’s Choice Awards Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor, and Saturn Awards Best Supporting Actor.

Tennant’s upcoming project is Daisy Aitken’s romcom film, Fish Without Bicycles. He plays an obnoxious Scot, John, neighbour to two pregnant women - one of whom he was responsible for getting pregnant.

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