Doctor Who: David Tennant teases return of behind-the-scenes show Confidential

There has been no official announcement yet

Doctor Who - The Power of the Doctor,23-10-2022,The Power Of The Doctor,The Doctor (David Tennant),BBC Studios,Screen Grab
David Tennant made a brief appearance in Doctor Who - The Power of the Doctor ahead of his full return later this year. (BBC)

David Tennant has confirmed that a show in the vein of Doctor Who Confidential is returning to the BBC.

The magazine show originally aired between 2005 and 2011 and offered a behind the scenes look at individual Doctor Who episodes.

There had been rumours of a return for such a show with the 60th anniversary specials later this year and Tennant appears to confirm them during a recent appearance at Galaxy Con.

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During a talk at the convention, Tennant said: "It was all filmed by all the various Doctor Who Confidential-style people, so you'll see all that.

"But it was very exciting for us, for them to visit us on set."

Many fans have taken this as a sign that Doctor Who Confidential or a similar show with a different title will return to coincide with new episodes later this year.

David Tennant (right) and Neil Patrick Harris during filming of Doctor Who in Bristol. Picture date: Wednesday June 15, 2022. (Photo by Ben Birchall/PA Images via Getty Images)
David Tennant and Neil Patrick Harris filming Doctor Who. (Getty Images)

One Doctor Who fan tweeted: "I was sad that the BBC got rid of #DoctorWho Confidential. It sounds good that something like it is coming back!"

Another said: "Tbh it would be more weird if there wasnt some type of behind the scenes for the 60th."

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One fan posted fond memories of the original show: "This is the truly exciting i used to love doctor who confidential. extremely fond memories of watching it after an episode as a child to diffuse how scared i was of the monsters by showing the behind the scenes."

DOCTOR WHO, David Tennant, Billie Piper, 'New Earth', (Season 2, ep. 1), 2005-, photo: Adrian Rogers / © Sci-Fi Channel/BBC /
David Tennant and Billie Piper in 2005's Doctor Who adventure New Earth. (BBC/Alamy)

Doctor Who Confidential was hugely popular with fans and was voted the greatest BBC Three show of all time in 2013 in a poll conducted by the Radio Times.

It was usually narrated by a star of the show such as Tennant, Simon Pegg or Anthony Head.

The BBC have not yet confirmed the return of any Doctor Who shoulder programming.

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