Davina McCall admits to taking drugs with her 'cool' mother before getting clean

Hanna Flint
The TV presenter said she tries to ignore trolls on social media.

Davina McCall has never shied away from talking about her drug addiction past but now she has revealed more details about the battle.

Speaking in her new lifestyle magazine, This is Davina, the TV presenter recalls a time in her life where she would get high with her mother.

“There were no boundaries,” McCall says of her mother Florence Kock. “Wearing make-up, short skirts, high heels at 13, drinking… eventually, I even took drugs with her.

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“I don’t blame her at all for my addiction, but it was screwed up . . . not a normal mother-child relationship.”

The former Big Brother host was raised by her grandparents and father and managed to get clean at the age of 25.

Davina McCall is single after splitting from husband Matthew Robertson

She has revealed in the past that she took heroin, cocaine and ecstasy but realised that she needed to separate herself from her mother in order to get sober.

“I was just a kid and… I thought she was cool because my granny, Pippy, and my dad never let me do any of that in England. I realised years later it was because they were normal, responsible adults,” Davina explained.

McCall, who has three children of her own, chose not to attend Kock’s funeral in 2008. She said in 2016 that she had chosen to cut her mother out of her life because she had sold a story about her daughter possibly relapsing before her wedding.

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‘I told her about it [selling stories],’ McCall said on Loose Women. ‘She didn’t think it was a big deal – and then she did it again.’

She added: ‘I built a bridge with my mum for the wedding, but then my husband (Matthew Robertson) said that has to be it.’

McCall has since split from Robertson, her husband of 17 years, but is not putting pressure on herself to jump into another relationship.

 “I have been out on dates – but can’t a woman be single and happy?,” Davina said in an interview with The Telegraph.