Long Lost Family viewers heartbroken and in tears over 'incredible' story

The ITV programme told the story of two cousins who were both abandoned as babies

Davina McCall hosts Long Lost Family. (ITV)
Davina McCall hosts Long Lost Family. (ITV)

Viewers were left in tears after Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace told an "incredible" story of two people both abandoned as babies.

The ITV show - which features Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell - returned on Monday (10 June) and featured Thomas, a man who was left at Reading train station as a baby in 1965, and Martina, a woman left on the steps of a Dublin church as a baby.

As McCall and the team investigated, a DNA search showed that the pair were cousins. It turned out that Martina's dad and Thomas' mum were a brother and sister from Ireland and that both were born in the 60s, at a time when being an unmarried mother in the country was seen as taboo.

During the episode, Thomas and Martina got to meet, getting together for a drink as they pondered how they had both come to be "foundlings", a term used for babies who have been abandoned and then found and cared for by other people. Thomas ended up learning that his dad and his mum Peggy had passed away, but did go on to meet some half-siblings.

Cousins Thomas and Martina met on the show. (ITV screengrab)
Cousins Thomas and Martina met on the show. (ITV screengrab)

Martina discovered that her birth mother - who was also named Peggy - had three other babies, all born at mother and baby homes.

Viewers said it was "heartbreaking" watching the tale unfold, with many saying they were in tears. "I just spent a full hour in tears, it's happy and sad all at the same time," one said on X. "I'm just so relieved when they get answers."

"Such a fascinating and heartbreaking episode," wrote another. Someone else said: "Needed a cry tonight. Does it every time."

Another viewer wrote: "I simply can't imagine how you must feel having been abandoned, not knowing your parents, or even your real birthday. So very sad this programme."

"Brilliant start to the new series of Born Without Trace," commented another fan. "Delighted for Thomas and Martina. They finally have the answers they were looking for."

"I couldn’t believe everything that unfolded in this episode," one person remarked on Instagram. "Tissues were out, as always. Wonderful programme."

"Oh my... glad it was a happy ending for both... just incredible," said someone else.

Long Lost Family started in 2011, in a bid to track down and reunite relatives who had been apart for years.

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