Dayton woman executes 11th-hour plea deal

Apr. 23—LIMA — Potential jurors assembled inside the Allen County Justice Center on Tuesday morning quickly learned their services were not needed, as the defendant in a case unexpectedly pleaded guilty to all charges against her.

Margie Parker, 39, of Dayton, was indicted by a grand jury in January on charges of aggravated trafficking in drugs and trafficking in a fentanyl-related compound, felonies of the second- and fourth-degree, respectively.

Following her guilty pleas, Allen County Common Pleas Court Judge Jeffrey Reed sentenced Parker to four years in prison.

The indictment alleged that on or about April 6, Parker did sell or offer to sell methamphetamine in a quantity more than five times but less than 50 times the bulk amount. On that same date, she is alleged to have offered for sale a fentanyl-related controlled substance.

Attorneys with the Allen County Public Defenders Office had filed a motion with the court asking that the state be required to provide the defense with any and all considerations given to a government witness in the case.

Prosecutors subsequently filed a motion asking that the state's response to that motion be sealed because it contains "confidential information, the release of which to the general public could jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of the persons identified."

Reed ordered the state's response to be sealed from public view.