DC Freeway Closed After Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

Interstate 295 in northeast Washington was closed in both directions on June 23 and is expected to reopen on Thursday at 10 pm after a pedestrian bridge collapsed on the roadway, DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management said.

A Washington DC resident captured footage of the aftermath of the bridge collapse, which injured at least five people, DC Fire and EMS said.

The injured people were taken to a nearby hospital, and a hazmat unit was called in to handle diesel fuel leaking from a truck trapped under the fallen bridge, the fire department said.

This footage, filmed by nearby resident Jerry Van Hook, shows onlookers observing the destruction while multiple police and fire department officials inspect the scene.

“I was getting ready to go to work, but everything is shut down. I can’t even leave my house now,” said Van Hook, who streamed the video live from the Facebook page of his drag character, Shi-Queeta Lee. Credit: Jerry Van Hook via Storyful