The DC Universe’s Superman Movie Is Coming, And My Adventures With Superman’s Cast And Crew Told Us What They’re Looking Forward To From James Gunn’s Reboot

 Jack Quaid's costumed Clark Kent about to fly into battle in My Adventures with Superman.
Jack Quaid's costumed Clark Kent about to fly into battle in My Adventures with Superman.

The premiere of My Adventures with Superman and the influx of news concerning the upcoming Superman movie were just two of the reasons 2023 was a great year to be a fan of the Man of Steel. Cut to now, My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is now airing on the 2024 TV schedule, and James Gunn recently shared that Superman is a little over halfway through shooting. It will be a while until the public gets to see footage from this upcoming DC movie. In the meantime, cast and crew members from the Adult Swim series told us what they’re looking forward to most from Gunn’s reboot that’s one of the first projects set in the DC Universe shared continuity.

Creators Brendan Clogher, Josie Campbell And Jake Wyatt

Let’s kick off with the people who created My Adventures with Superman and serve as its showrunners: Brendan Clogher, Josie Campbell and Jake Wyatt. At the end of our conversation tied to My Adventures with Superman Season 2’s release, which included them talking about Lex Luthor’s alliance with Amanda Waller, Supergirl’s forthcoming arrival and that big Jor-El twist in “More Things in Heaven and Earth,” I asked them what they were hoping to see from James Gunn’s Superman movie. After Wyatt noted that none of the prior interviewers had posed that question to them during the junket that day, Clogher responded:

Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. That's the one thing I want that I've missed the most.

While Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent did get hired by The Daily Planet at the end of Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed him working as a reporter, that aspect of his life didn’t get a ton of attention. That’s not to say Superman will rectify that for the Clark David Corenswet is playing, but Clogher is hopeful that’ll be the case. Next, Campbell mentioned her satisfaction with Rachel Brosnahan being cast as Lois Lane:

I think Rachel Brosnahan is such good casting as Lois. My fervent hope is that Lois gets almost as big as spotlight or as big as spotlight is Clark/Superman. She's fantastic.

She’s not alone in feeling that way, as our own Riley Utley declared Brosnahan playing Lois to be perfect casting when the news initially came out. Then Wyatt mentioned both being interested to see how these versions of Clark and Lois do paired together, saying:

I've been excited to see her in the promo being played as, like, the co-lead. Yeah, I'm really excited for those two. I’m excited for Clark Kent and Lois Lane. People got mad at us because they're like one of America's great screen romances. They're one of pop culture's great couples. So that is what I'm most excited for. She's so good. The Lois casting is unbelievable. David Corenswet, so handsome. I'm excited to see them love each other and maybe get torn apart dramatically.

Now that we’ve covered the creative minds behind My Adventures with Superman, let’s shift over to two of the show’s leading trio of actors.

Actors Ishmel Sahid And Alice Lee

In addition to Jack Quaid voicing Clark Kent/Kal-El, My Adventures with Superman stars Alice Lee as Lois Lane and Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen, with both characters frequently tagging along on their Kryptonian buddy’s superhero exploits, as the title of the show lays out. Along with Brosnahan coming aboard the Superman movie, Skylar Gisondo has has been cast as that project’s Jimmy Olsen. When I asked Sahid and Lee (who also commented on their characters’ “dynamic” with Lex Luthor) what they’re hoping to see from these live-action cinematic takes on the characters they voice in the animated television space, the former started off by saying:

I'm open to anything. Obviously throughout the years, we have seen different iterations of Superman, Jimmy, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, all these fun characters and villains. So I'm just curious and open to seeing how these actors portray these characters. Because everybody throughout the years has brought themselves to all these DC characters. Yeah, I’m just excited for Gunn’s vision for this Superman.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with just waiting to see how James Gunn does with one of pop culture’s most famous superheroes. Lee echoed Sahid’s thoughts, as well as joined in on giving Rachel Brosnahan props:

Alice: Yeah, me too. I'm just excited to see what iteration, what vibe it's gonna be. And Rachel Brosnahan is awesome, so I'm sure she's gonna bring baddie vibes to Lois Lane as usual. But yeah, it'll be so cool, also knowing our show exists and seeing this other version of it. Yeah, I'm excited to see it, for sure.

Superman is James Gunn’s third DC project under his belt, having previously helmed The Suicide Squad and the first season of Peacemaker. Although Superman is still rolling cameras, Gunn shared that filming has also begun on Season 2 of the latter TV series, which can be streamed with a Max subscription. As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, he’s also co-running DC Studios with Peter Safran, and together they came up with the opening “Gods and Monsters” slate of DC Universe movies and TV shows.

Superman flies into theaters on July 11, 2025, and new episodes of My Adventures with Superman premiere Sundays at midnight ET on Adult Swim. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for all the biggest news item’s concerning the Man of Steel’s big and small screen adaptations.