DCS officials speak out about energy management plan controversy, removal of appliances from classrooms

DOTHAN, Ala. (WDHN) — A recent post made by a former Dothan City Schools employee, Julie Mullins-Turner, has stirred up thick smoke over Dothan City Schools about teachers being robbed by central office staff of their appliances in their classrooms.

“I understand there is chatter on social media and we try not to chase everything you read online but we have had an energy management plan since 2010,” Dr. Coe said.

School officials are responding to the post that claims they are removing appliances like microwaves, coffee makers, and mini-fridges because they take up too much electricity.

However, school officials say that’s true but it’s a part of an approved policy from 2010 that teachers are well aware of prohibiting those types of items.

“Our classrooms are not wired to handle those appliances in the classroom and the school is not designed for cooking and providing meals for children it’s a fire hazard,” He said.

Just less than two months ago, Dothan High School principal sent a reminder to staff about personal appliances in classrooms — after school officials said a staff member left a heater running and one teacher tried to hide a fridge under a box.

“Our maintenance department monitors usage and then through routine checks changing a light bulb or air filter we see those things and after making them aware if they don’t remove them we will do it,” He said.

The post also claims that teachers do not have as much time to eat but school officials say they have designated areas for teachers to use appliances and store food and they have not been told of any problems within schools.

Dr. Coe said despite the post claiming teachers leaving — they have not seen a mass exit.

He says they appreciate their teachers, but they have to look out for students as well as help manage taxpayer dollars.

“We are trying to move past this,” He said. “I think these are people who are retired and trying to troll up five minutes of fame.”

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