“Dead Boy Detectives, Challengers, ”and “Baby Reindeer ”top this week's Must List

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I swear this weekly letter wasn't intended to be so musical focused, but I've just been so wowed by my recent trips to the theater. This past week I caught the national tour of Funny Girl. The Broadway production was all about the Beanie Feldstein-replaced-by-Lea Michele drama — but at Center Theatre Group's Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, it's all about Katerina McCrimmon. The recent college grad has the clearest voice I've heard in ages, with charisma to spare. Remember her name, I'll bet they're saying it at awards shows in coming years. (And Melissa Manchester plays her mom for (not) crying out loud!) Patrick Gomez, Editor-in-Chief

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<p>Netflix; MGM</p> EW's Must List, featuring 'Dead Boy Detectives,' 'Challengers,' and 'Baby Reindeer'

Netflix; MGM

EW's Must List, featuring 'Dead Boy Detectives,' 'Challengers,' and 'Baby Reindeer'

Dead Boy Detectives

<p>Ed Araquel/Netflix</p> George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri, and Kassius Nelson in 'Dead Boy Detectives'

Ed Araquel/Netflix

George Rexstrew, Jayden Revri, and Kassius Nelson in 'Dead Boy Detectives'

With the glory days of the CW behind us, where is one supposed to find a new supernatural procedural to obsess over? Netflix has your answer with this new series, which stars George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri as undead sleuths who help other ghosts solve their problems. Not only is the chemistry crackling between the leads (and their allies, including Kassius Nelson's psychic Crystal Palace), but the magical rules are detailed enough (don't use spells on cats or face the consequences!) to make this world feel textured and lived in. Fans of The SandmanSupernatural, and Arrow shouldn't miss this one. —Christian Holub, Senior Writer


Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O'Connor in 'Challengers'
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O'Connor in 'Challengers'

In Challengers, sex is a tennis match — and tennis is everything. Over a decade, professional tennis players Tashi (Zendaya), Art (Mike Faist), and Patrick (Josh O’Connor) tangle a web of desire and competition. It's game, set, match for the best movie of the year so far. Maureen Lee Lenker, Senior Writer

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Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club

<p>Marc Brenner</p> Eddie Redmayne in 'Cabaret'

Marc Brenner

Eddie Redmayne in 'Cabaret'

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to the hottest show on Broadway: The jaw-dropping revival, delivered in the round at the August Wilson Theatre, features awards-worthy Eddie Redmayne and Gayle Rankin as the stars of a Berlin nightclub amid the Nazis' rise to power. —Emlyn Travis, News Writer

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Baby Reindeer

<p>Ed Miller/Netflix</p> Jessica Gunning in 'Baby Reindeer'

Ed Miller/Netflix

Jessica Gunning in 'Baby Reindeer'

Richard Gadd has bravely turned his own harrowing experiences into this powerful and unsettling Netflix limited series. Of its stellar cast, Jessica Gunning stands out as troubled stalker Martha Scott, with a performance that showcases a versatility we typically see across an entire career. —Alamin Yohannes, Social Media Director

Waxahatchee on tour

<p>Douglas Mason/Getty</p> Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee

Douglas Mason/Getty

Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee

Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield followed up her 2020 masterpiece Saint Cloud (one of the most life-affirming albums released during the pandemic) with the similarly rocking Tigers Blood, and her music comes alive on stage with a full band. Expect the crowds to be packed and joyous! —Christian Holub, Senior Writer

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