‘Dead’ Christmas tree put up by council angers residents

The Christmas tree in Oxford Square, Blackpool. (SWNS)
The Christmas tree in Oxford Square, Blackpool. (SWNS)

Residents have blasted their local council for putting lights on a Christmas tree despite it apparently looking “dead”.

The 12 ft (3.5m) spruce was planted in Oxford Square, Blackpool, last year but within months it began to drop its plush green needles.

Locals were surprised when workers from Blackpool Council put twinkling lights on the fir in November, with one person saying: “The world has gone mad.”

Council chiefs claimed the tree was still “alive” despite its appearance.

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Locals have found the tree uninspiring. (SWNS)
Locals have found the tree uninspiring. (SWNS)

The council has now confirmed the tree will be replaced with a new one so it can be given another chance to flourish in the future.

This hasn’t stopped locals from complaining, with one of them writing on social media: “So Blackpool Council instructed an employee to put lights on Christmas trees around town and nobody noticed some of these trees were dead?

Another said: “They need to be looked after not just planted in and left, obviously they don’t know how to look after a Christmas tree because why anyone would slap some lights on this twig when it’s one of the main roads in and out of Blackpool is beyond me.

“I wonder who thought “oh let’s plonk some lights on that twig”

A local added: “I noticed this tree the other day. Why did they even bother to put lights on a tree that has no pine needles on. The world has gone mad .”

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Blackpool council put fairy lights on the tree. (SWNS)
Blackpool council put fairy lights on the tree. (SWNS)

Blackpool Council released a statement saying a new tree was on its way.

John Blackledge, the council’s Director for Community and Environmental Services, said: “A new tree is coming to the site in time for Christmas.

“The current tree has been inspected and is alive but will be moved and replanted to give it a chance to recover.

“Unfortunately, Christmas trees which were planted last year suffered through a difficult winter and are being transplanted to a new location in a sheltered environment.

"A new set of trees across the town are being prepared ready for Christmas.”