Deadpool 3’s Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Constant Chatter About Taylor Swift’s Dazzler

 Taylor Swift looking over her shoulder and smiling during the Lover set of The Eras Tour.
Taylor Swift looking over her shoulder and smiling during the Lover set of The Eras Tour.

Although Taylor Swift is chiefly known as worldwide singing/songwriting phenomenon who has plenty of upcoming music and other things for her Swiftie fanbase to look forward to, she’s also acted on various occasions over the years. So because she has such experience under her belt, it’s been rumored for a long time that she’s set to play Dazzler in Deadpool and Wolverine, the next of the upcoming Marvel movies. There’s been so much chatter about this topic that Ryan Reynolds has taken time to address it.

While we do know that Deadpool and Wolverine will feature a lot of Marvel cameos on top of the return of Hugh Jackman’s adamantium-clawed mutant, Swift’s Dazzler is among the many who are far from confirmed for Deadpool 3’s cast. Still, Fandango’s Jacqueline Coley tried to test those waters while speaking with Reynolds, Jackman and director/co-writer Shawn Levy. After Reynolds and Levy joked about how they were going to avoid talking about that topic rather than straight up lie about it, the former said the following when Coley asked how much the Swifts have talked with them about Dazzler:

Movies like this, there’s so much speculation, so many people that might end up in the film. I mean, I saw one that was convinced Elvis was in the movie. Anything could happen, and that’s sort of what I love about this universe and this world. Surprises are the essence of Deadpool.

Back in November 2023, Ryan Reynold finally acknowledged that he’d heard about the Taylor Swift as Dazzler rumor, but all he had to say then was that he loved the gossip because it’s “a sign of how eager people are to get a peek behind the curtain in this world.” Six months later, he’s still being as cagey as ever, and while one could argue that if Swift wasn’t playing Dazzler in Deadpool and Wolverine, he or someone else on the production would just debunk the rumor. On the other hand, like Reynolds said, surprises are important for movies like this, so he could just feel that even just the act of debunking would constitute a spoiler.

As far as why the Swifties have been convinced of late their signing icon is set to play Dazzler, who previously cameoed in 2019’s Dark Phoenix, this past December, a variant comic book cover for Female Force: Taylor Swift reimagined her as the mutant. So obviously that added fuel to the fire, and then in February, there was a social media post showing Deadpool and Wolverine friendship bracelets, and those fashion items have become synonymous with The Eras Tour. Whether all this did constitute proof or were just misdirects, we’ll get our answer one way or another when Deadpool and Wolverine opens in theaters on July 26.

Meanwhile, in addition to the first two Deadpool movies being available to stream with a Disney+ subscription, Taylor Swift fans can also stream The Eras Tour movie on the same platform. Swift’s last acting appearance, 2022’s Amsterdam, can be purchased or rented on digital platforms.