Deadpool & Wolverine Director Explains Why Ryan Reynolds Threequel Is ‘Not Deadpool 3'

 Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool.
Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding, thanks to new movies and other projects that can be streamed with a Disney+ subscription. The next highly anticipated upcoming Marvel movie hitting theaters is Deadpool & Wolverine, which will finally bring Ryan Reynolds' foul mouthed character into the shared universe. And director Shawn Levy recently explained why the threequel is "not Deadpool 3."

What we know about Deadpool & Wolverine is limited, as the studio is trying desperately to keep the movie's secrets until it hits theaters. There are countless rumors about the movie as a result, with much of the hype coming from Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine. And the inclusion of that second title character is a game changer for Levy, who told ScreenRant that this isn't merely another sequel for Wade Wilson. In his words:

As far as crafting the Deadpool and Wolverine story, I just felt privileged every day because you're talking about two massive movie stars in their most iconic roles. It also gave me an opportunity. It's the third Deadpool movie, but it's not Deadpool 3. It's a different thing that's very much Deadpool and Wolverine. And it's not trying to copycat anything from the first two movies. They were awesome, but this is a two-hander character adventure.

There you have it. Like the title suggests, Deadpool & Wolverine will focus on both of those characters, rather than being a story solely focused on Ryan Reynolds' character. And it should be fascinating to see where the story takes both of those beloved heroes.

Levy's comments offer a peek behind the curtain on what it's been like making the threequel. And while Deadpool 3's cast list has been the subject of non-stop rumors, all we really need to know is that the story will be focused on Logan and Wade. And given Reynolds and Jackman's faux feud, smart money says their chemistry is going to be electric.

While it Jackman originally retired from playing Wolverine after the emotional ending of Logan, it seems like he just couldn't resist teaming up with Ryan Reynolds on a new blockbuster. He's also very close with Shawn Lev, so smart money says that plenty of laughs were had on set.

As previously mentioned, there are countless rumors swirling about what might happen in Deadpool & Wolverine. Specifically, about big cameos that fans think are going to occur throughout its mysterious runtime. Some of the rumors names include Halle Berry's Storm, Patrick Stewart's Professor X, Ian McKellen's Magneto, Jennifer Garner's Elektra, and Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch. Some fans even think that Taylor Swift might cameo as either Dazzler or Lady Deadpool.

All will be revealed this summer when Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26th. experience the meantime, check out the 2024 movie release dates to plan your next film exeprience.