Will Deadpool And Wolverine ‘Save’ The MCU? Shawn Levy Knows The Fans Have Questions, And I'm Impressed By His Thoughtful Answer

 Deadpool in car taunting in Deadpool & Wolverine.
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There’s a lot riding on the widely discussed Deadpool & Wolverine – and I don’t just mean in regard to the standard set by the previous installments in the Ryan Reynolds-led trilogy. Shawn Levy’s highly anticipated upcoming superhero movie arrives amid a time at which many have become somewhat disillusioned with the sprawling Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some are actually of the impression that the franchise is in need of a “save” from an unmitigated success of a movie. Many have pegged D&W as being that flick, and Levy has addressed fans’ questions with a thoughtful answer that I’m quite impressed with.


What Did Shawn Levy Have To Say About Deadpool & Wolverine Saving The MCU?

Shawn Levy has directed his fair share of blockbusters over the course of his impressive career but none arguably as massive as his latest endeavor. The Deadpool threequel is a multiverse-spanning romp that not only introduces Wade Wilson to the MCU but also reacquaints audiences with Hugh Jackman’s Logan. All in all, the Canadian director seems to be taking the buzz in stride. That tempered demeanor was seemingly present when he spoke with our sister site, Total Film, about the expectations facing his film. He shared keen thoughts on how the production relates to this period in the MCU’s history:

We had no idea it would be this unique moment where people are asking what the MCU means any more. Can it surprise us? Can it break molds in ways that we don't expect? We certainly hope that this movie is an answer to those questions.

As the Multiverse Saga has played out for the past few years now, Marvel Studios has seen a number of hits and misses. Some have argued that the franchise has lost a lot of the luster it once had, which has left a number of devotees wanting more out of the once storied superhero IP. The Free Guy director – who’s compared his superhero romp to Planes, Trains and Automobiles – is a fan of the fictional universe himself. So he came into the production with a lot of reverence for what has come before, and he conveyed that as much in his additional comments:

What Kevin Feige has built with the MCU is historic as far as a string of successes, but culture has its tide chart, culture has ebbs and flows, and one thing we do know is you can't keep doing the same thing ad nauseum and expect people to greet it with the same excitement. And so it just worked out really fortuitously because our movie is not like any MCU movie. Yeah, and I say that as a fan of a lot of MCU movies.

It’s hard to deny how intriguing it is that a more unconventional Marvel flick like Deadpool & Wolverine would be released amid such an up-and-down period for the studio. Ultimately, no one can truly say right now whether the movie will be able to “save” the IP. What I will say, though, is that the Adam Project helmer’s comments should be commended.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine

Why I Really Appreciate What Shawn Levy Said About The Movie

The reason why I find Shawn Levy’s comments so masterful is because he doesn’t flat-out guarantee or promise that his movie will be the saving grace for the franchise. Of course, he wants to see the movie do well and hopes that it’ll raise the bar for what’s possible within this continuity. Still, it was wise of him to simply list his hopes instead of promising that this will absolutely mark a turning point for the MCU. It goes without saying that a number of fans have a tendency to hang on every word that’s mentioned by a member of a creative team. And they’ll definitely bring those sentiments back up later on, especially if a massive promise wasn’t exactly delivered upon. Levy deserves major credit for choosing his words carefully.

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Deadpool in elevator in Deadpool & Wolverine
Deadpool in elevator in Deadpool & Wolverine

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What I also can’t help but appreciate here is that he wisely avoids chastising Marvel Studios while making his points. It definitely would’ve been easy for him to be a bit more blunt when it comes to some of the Disney-owned company’s recent shortcomings in an effort to elevate his own movie a bit more. But he instead empahsizes that he’s a fan of much of the work that studio head Kevin Feige and co. have done over the years. That sheer level of fandom should make prospective viewers hopeful about what’s to come in Wade Wilson’s latest big-screen outing. Anyone with that level of respect likely approached a film with a level of dignity and thoughtfulness and, when those two elements are in the mix, a film typically benefits from them.

As of right now, I’d say that the man who was behind the camera for Real Steel stands a real chance of having a superhero hit on his hands. The Deadpool & Wolverine trailers hint at an exciting film that will deliver action, humor and massive stakes. On top of that, it’ll likely add to the multiversal lore that’s been established thus far. Its director also holds the distinction of being the first person to helm an R-rated MCU flick. So it goes without saying that he and his colleagues are really breaking new ground here.

Plenty of people can continue to debate whether the series is in dire need of saving, and I’d wager that the arguments are going to rage on for the foreseeable future. But, regardless of that, I’m confident that Shawn Levy’s upcoming Marvel movie will be a fine addition to its filmography. Quite frankly, Levy hasn’t said anything to make me doubt what he’s been working on. And, on top of all that, he, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and co. seem passionate about their work. Let’s all hope that their enthusiasm translates to the finished film and that this does prove to be another highlight within the history of the MCU.

Deadpool & Wolverine opens in theaters on July 26 as part of the 2024 movie schedule. While you wait, you can stream the first two installments in the series as well as the Marvel movies in order using a Disney+ subscription.