Who are the guest stars in Death in Paradise series 13?

The BBC show returns on Sunday, 4 February

Shantol Jackson and Ralf Little star in Death In Paradise. (BBC)
Death In Paradise will soon return for its 13th season, which will feature a slew of new guest stars. (BBC)

Death in Paradise is always a delights for fans thanks to its guest stars, who help bring to life the weekly cases for viewers.

BBC's cosy crime drama will see viewers get to watch as an array of actors come in for an episode or two to act alongside Ralf Little and the main cast each week. Little spoke to Yahoo UK and other publications about the joy it brings for them to get to work with such a wide variety of people each episode.

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"It's one of the joys of the show is that you do two to three weeks and every guest cast that comes in comes in with its own dynamic," he shared.

"Sometimes they already know each other, sometimes they don't, and if a guest cast particularly gels with each other and embraces what the show is —it's very difficult to describe what filming Death in Paradise is like— you just know that they're having a better time, and it's just a magical thing."

Who are the guest stars in Death in Paradise series 13?

Death in Paradise (BBC)
Sean Maguire returns to Death in Paradise in its 100th episode, becoming the first guest actor to reprise a role on the series. (BBC)

Series 13's first episode, which also happens to be the show's 100th episode, stars Leon Herbert, Cathy Tyson and Mensah Bediako. It will also star Sean Maguire, who has become the first guest to reprise their role since debuting on the series in 2011 as Marlon Collins.

Little joked that he was annoyed that his streak as the only guest star to return to the show had been beaten, saying: "That was very exciting because I know Sean a little bit just from being in the industry for 20 odd years... so I was really looking forward to seeing him again. But, that does now make Sean the second person to be in Death in Paradise twice and I'm really not happy about that whatsoever because I held that record.

"Although I'm the only person who's been in this [as] two different characters, he's the same character so I've still got that little edge."

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Also starring in the show for a short time include Oscar winner Hayley Mills, who Little remarked was "absolutely glorious" in her episode. He added about the guest stars: "They come in and they challenge you a little bit, and I don't mean they're challenging I just mean that you get to act opposite different people with different styles.

Hayley Mills as Nancy Martin in Death in Paradise, Ralf Little called her 'absolutely glorious'. (BBC)
Hayley Mills as Nancy Martin in Death in Paradise, Ralf Little called her 'absolutely glorious'. (BBC)

"I still can't believe that I was in an episode with Hayley Mills. It still astonishes me, an absolute living legend, and she was absolutely glorious. So, it's all very exciting."

Other actors set to join the series are Ellie Haddington, Kate Robbins, Pearce Quigley, Ronni Ancona, Richard Fleeshman, and Juliet Cowan. They will also be joined by Shvorne Marks, Michael Fenton Stevens, Ben Wiggins, Guy Henry, and Kevin Garry.

But that's not all, because the series will also be welcoming Taj Atwal, Emma Naomi, Gabrielle Glaister, Elise Chappell, Ali Ariaie, Eve Posonby, Emma Sidi, Calvin Demba, Rachel Adedeji, Richard Lintern and more over the course of the series' eight episodes. It has not yet been confirmed which episodes each of these actors will be appearing in.

Genesis Lynea will also be returning to the BBC series to play Selwyn’s daughter Andrina. The actor first appeared on the show in season 12 and she will be returning to the island in series 13 because the opening episode sees her father be left fighting for his life after he is shot by a mystery assailant.

Death in Paradise series 13 premieres on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Sunday, 4 February at 9pm.

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