Death In Paradise icon sends heartfelt farewell to Ralf Little as he departs from show

Elizabeth Bourgine, known for her portrayal of Catherine on Death In Paradise, has sent a heartfelt message to her ex-colleague Ralf Little following his exit from the beloved BBC series.

Elizabeth took to Instagram to express her affection for Ralf, who recently posted an amusing video where he was seen getting his toenails painted in the colours of the England flag. The actor, celebrated for his role as DI Neville Parker on the hit detective show, was gearing up for the UEFA European Football Championship match between England and Slovenia on Tuesday (June 25), showing his support in a unique way.

In the video, Ralf enthusiastically declared, "Got to represent tonight's game in style," before revealing his patriotically painted toes and rallying with a cheerful "Come on, England!"

Amidst the laughter and cheers from his followers, Elizabeth chimed in with her own supportive comment. Her message read: "My dear Ralf, You are still So English [laughing emoji]. Hugs and kisses, Catherine from #deathinparadise.", reports the Mirror.

Ralf's departure from Death in Paradise in March had previously disappointed many fans. He addressed his leaving in an extensive Instagram post, stating: "The secret's out! My time on Saint Marie has come to an end. But, what an end! New adventures await Neville and he got to sail off into the sunset with his best friend, and, you know, who knows what happens for them next!"

Catherine was quick to compliment Ralf on his video
Ralf Little bowed out of Death in Paradise last month -Credit:(Image: BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Coming to the end of his tenure as Neville Parker in Death in Paradise, Ralf Little took to social media to share an emotional thank you message with his fans. "I just want to say, just an enormous thank you to everyone who watched and supported the show. When I arrived, four-and-a-half years ago, I knew I had big shoes to fill. Coming into a series beloved by millions, including me, was a huge responsibility."

He confessed to feeling relief at the overwhelmingly positive response garnered by his performance. Neville's journey, says Ralf, has been 'profound', and he deeply appreciates the support over his four-and-a-half-year run on the popular series.

Ralf Little bowed out of Death in Paradise last month
Ralf Little bowed out of Death in Paradise last month

"It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to bring Neville Parker to all of you and to share his really quite profound journey with you. I can't thank you all enough for the support over the last four-and-a-half years and as Neville heads off for new challenges and adventures and I head off for new challenges and adventures."

Actor Don Gilet is set to step into Little's shoes, being familiar from his roles in 'EastEnders,' 'Sherwood' and 'Shetland. ' His debut as Detective Inspector Mervin Wilson will be in the 2024 Christmas special.

On landing the role in 'Death in Paradise,' Don expressed his delight: "Being offered the new lead role in Death in Paradise feels like a deeply loved and incredibly precious jewel has been placed in my hands. This is a big show, with a big heart and the love continually grows for it."