Death in Paradise star Élizabeth Bourgine's life away from cameras: from home in Paris to famous son

Élizabeth Bourgine in Death in Paradise
Élizabeth Bourgine in Death in Paradise (Denis Guyenon)

Élizabeth Bourgine has spent over a decade playing fan favourite character Catherine Bordey in BBC One's popular crime drama, Death in Paradise, having starred on the show since the second-ever episode.

While fans know all about Catherine's life in Saint Marie, what does Élizabeth get up to when she's not filming for the show? Keep reading for all we know about the star's life away from the cameras, including her director husband and famous son…

Élizabeth Bourgine's home life in Paris

When she's not busy filming with Ralf Little, Don Warrington and her other co-stars in Guadeloupe, Élizabeth, 66, spends her time in Paris, where she lives with her husband, writer and director Jean-Luc Miesch, near the Luxembourg Gardens.

Unlike some of her other co-stars, who stay in the Caribbean for the six months it takes to film each series, Élizabeth travels back and forth. "I come for a week, sometimes two weeks, sometimes just four days and then go back," she told HELLO! during an exclusive interview.

Élizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey in Death In Paradise
Élizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey in Death In Paradise (Amelia Troubridge)

Speaking about her love for the French city, the actress said: "I love Paris because I have all my memories here: when I had my first bicycle, when I went to the theatre for the first time. I was very young, it was like guignol [puppet theatre].

"I just feel at home. I love the colour of the light, the colour of the buildings, everything. I love it. I feel comfortable here," she added.

Naomi Thomas (SHANTOL JACKSON), Marlon Pryce (TAHJ MILES), Selwyn Patterson (DON WARRINGTON) and Catherine Bordey (ELIZABETH BOURGINE)
Élizabeth stars alongside Shantol Jackson, Tahj Miles and Don Warrington in the series (Denis Guyenon)

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Élizabeth Bourgine's husband and son

Élizabeth is married to French director and writer, Jean-Luc Miesch, who is known for his work on French TV shows and films, including Nestor Burma and Streamfield, les carnets noirs.

The couple share a son named Jules, 33, who is also based in Paris but has visited his mum on the set of Death in Paradise on several occasions. "As my son, I wanted to share lovely moments with him," Élizabeth told HELLO!. "He came over three different years. He wanted to go climbing the volcano, and the waterfalls, and go scuba diving. He knows the island very, very well."

elizabeth bourgine husband
Élizabeth with her husband Jean-Luc Miesch (Photo: Getty Images)

Jules, who attended one of France's most prestigious drama schools Cours Florent, is known for his roles in the Disney+ drama Tout va Bien, the crime comedy, Capitaine Marleau, and the TV drama Clem. 

He even landed a role in the latest season of Death in Paradise, having flown to Guadeloupe last year to film for episode eight.

While on this occasion, Jules missed his mum, who had already left the Caribbean for France, he clearly feels at home on set.

Élizabeth with her son Jules in 2018
Élizabeth with her son Jules in 2018 (Laurent Viteur)

"I left on the Tuesday, he arrived on the Wednesday," explained Élizabeth. "He was there until the end of shooting and was invited to the party! 

"He knew the cast, because he came very often and knows Don [Warrington] very well," she continued. "He was taking care of the guest cast on his episode and it took them around Guadalupe. He said those three weeks were wonderful."

As for what Jules and Jean-Luc think of Catherine, Élizabeth said her husband "loves" her. "He always tells me, 'I love the way she speaks and the way she dresses because she's very sexy and colourful'. He just thinks that she's beautiful."

elizabeth bourgine son
Jules is also an actor (Photo: Getty Images)

Meanwhile, her son says Catherine is "the mother we would all dream of" but tells her he feels "lucky because you are mine". How sweet!

Death in Paradise airs on Sundays on BBC One at 9pm.