Death in Paradise viewers left saddened by ‘erasure’ of fan-favourite character

Death in Paradise viewers have again been left disappointed by the omission of a key character.

*Spoilers for the recent episode of Death in Paradise are below – you have been warned*

On Sunday (11 February), the BBC drama series aired a new episode for its 13th series with Ralf Little back as the intuitive DI Neville Parker alongside Don Warrington as the local police Commissioner Selwyn Patterson.

The show, which is set in the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie, focuses on the detective inspector from the UK and his police team solving murder mysteries that continue to shake the island.

Since the series began in 2011, there has been one fan-favourite character who’s played a small part but has captured the hearts of viewers: the lizard who lives in DI Parker’s beachside bungalow.

The CGI-generated creature has featured in almost every episode of the series, acting as a loyal sounding board for Parker when he’s talking through elements of the murder case.

However, Harry – who has developed quite the fanbase – has not been seen in the past two episodes of the programme, which has left viewers concerned about his future on the show.

“This Harry erasure is NOT ON I miss the lil guy,” wrote on viewer on X/Twitter.

Another fan took it further and asked: “Hey @deathinparadise …  where was @DIPHarryLizard in the last 2 episodes! Can’t have an episode without the star of the show!”

Harry the Lizard was nowhere to be seen in ‘Death in Paradise’s past two episodes (BBC)
Harry the Lizard was nowhere to be seen in ‘Death in Paradise’s past two episodes (BBC)

“We need more Harry!!!” chimed another.

Viewers were similarly disappointed when Harry was left out of the show’s 100th episode on 4 February.

The episode’s director Steve Hughes eventually addressed Harry’s absence, which viewers had branded as a “snub”.

“Lots of people missed seeing Harry in tonight’s episode,” Hughes wrote on X/Twitter, adding: “We actually shot a scene with him but there was so much going on, we didn’t have time to keep it in!”

Meanwhile, other viewers guessed why Harry was absent from the programme – with one fan joking that perhaps the lizard had been cast in a new TV show, like Claudia Winkleman’s hit reality series The Traitors.

“Come on Death in Paradise. But then a super star like Harry is in much demand. I suspect he was away discussing his role in next year’s Traitors. Chillier than DIP but an amazing wardrobe alongside Claudia.”

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker (BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)
Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker (BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Little has played Parker since 2020, with the show’s former lead stars including Krys Marshall and Ardal O’Hanlon. While the face of each actor playing the British DI has changed throughout the series, Harry has always been lurking inside the bungalow and keeping its occupants company.

Last Train to Christmas actor Hayley Mills made a cameo in Sunday night’s episode as the character Nancy, a wealthy philanthropist living in the island’s Paradise Bay care home, who was stabbed to death with her own knitting needle at the beginning of the episode.

The new series features several other guest stars including Coronation Street’s Richard Fleeshman and The Way Back actor Pearce Quigley.

Death in Paradise airs on BBC One at 9pm on Sundays.