Death in Paradise's Ralf Little was "starstruck" by guest star

ralf little as di neville parker in death in paradise series 13, episode 1
Death in Paradise star was "starstruck" by guestRed Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon - BBC

Death in Paradise series 13 spoilers follow.

Ralf Little has revealed the upcoming Death in Paradise guest star who made him feel "starstruck".

The actor is back as DI Neville Parker this weekend (February 4) for Death in Paradise's historic 100th episode, where series one guest star Sean Maguire kicks off an impressive guest list for the ensuing series.

One of the most exciting guest stars for Ralf was the legendary Oscar winner Hayley Mills, who starred in classic films like The Parent Trap and Whistle Down the Wind as well as the hit show Saved by the Bell.

hayley mills, death in paradise

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Looking back on working with Mills, Ralf said: "Oh my God, Oscar winner Hayley Mills! She's the one person I got starstruck by and had to get a photo with, she was just glorious. She's been at the top of the film industry. She won an Oscar when she was a kid, Whistle Down the Wind is one of my favourite films of all time.

"With somebody who has that reputation and experience, it wouldn't be outside the realms of possibility for her to be diva-ish, difficult, demanding, but she was the most gentle, professional, sweet, fun, funny, gregarious person... just the dream! A living legend of the industry."

Ralf also teased some of the other guests for the series, including The Full Monty's Pearce Quigley ("the funniest man in the world") and Coronation Street's Richard Fleeshman.

"It's always nice to have friends come out which has been great for me, like Richard Fleeshman, who I've known for 20 years," the actor explained. "He's a great actor and a lovely lad.

sean maguire as marlon collins in death in paradise series 13, episode 1
Red Planet / Denis Guyenon

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"It was very exciting to see Sean Maguire come back out too. He was in the first-ever episode and came back to play the same character. That isn't really referenced in the episode, but eagle-eyed viewers will clock that! I've met Sean a handful of times, and I just loved him.

"He was fun, funny, professional and a brilliant actor. I'm slightly annoyed though because he's now the only other person apart from me to have done the show twice! Although that said, he was playing the same character and I'm the only person to have done it as two different characters, so I still have that little personal milestone!"

Long-time fans will remember that before he was cast as Neville Parker, Ralf appeared in Death in Paradise's second series as a totally different character. Flash forward to series 13 and he will be part of the show's landmark 100th episode, where police commissioner Selwyn Patterson's life hangs in the balance in a whodunit-style mystery.

Death in Paradise and its spin-off, Beyond Paradise, air on BBC One and stream on BBC iPlayer. The new series of Death in Paradise premieres on February 3, 2024.

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