Deborah Meaden makes Dragons' Den stars blush with condom comment

When an entrepreneur sought investment for a range of gummy sweets, the brand name reminded Meaden of something very different.

Dragons' Den Deborah Meaden
Dragons' Den star ,Deborah Meaden made her fellow Dragons blush with her remark about condoms. (BBC)

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Dragons' Den star Deborah Meaden made her fellow Dragons blush when she said a product reminded her of edible condoms.

Entrepreneur Joe appeared in the Den with his brand of gummy sweets. But the brand name jogged Meaden's memory in a way that raised eyebrows among her fellow Dragons. And Steven Bartlett even made a cheeky comment in a bid to ease the awkward atmosphere.

What, how, and why?

Dragons' Den Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones, Steven Bartlett,BBC Studios,Simon Pantling
The Dragons saw a brand of gummy sweets with a name that made Deborah Meaden think of condoms. (BBC)

Company founder Joe came into the Den with his brand of personalised sweets designed to share with friends called Tasty Mates. The concept of personalising confectionary based on your friends' personalities confused most of the Dragons. But it was the brand name that was the sticking point for Meaden.

The 65-year-old businesswoman piped up: "I need to ask a question. Are Mates condoms still in existence? Mates condoms... edible condoms. They did edible condoms! I'm sure." Peter Jones told her: "Deborah, there was a brand called mates but you weren't supposed to eat them." Meaden joked: "That'll explain it, I get indigestion, maybe that's the problem."

Dragons' Den  ,Steven Bartlett
Dragons' Den star Steven Bartlett tired to ease the awkwardness with a cheeky comment. (BBC)

Youngest Dragon Bartlett, 31, said: "It's weird to hear your parents talk about stuff like that." Meaden playfully hit him over the head, saying: "Excuse me! Don't you ever! Don't repeat it." Bartlett mimed to lock his mouth and there was much tittering among the other Dragons."

But Jones was not put off by Meaden's comment, and offered to invest in Tasty Mates in return for 20 per cent of the company. And there was yet more

What else happened on Dragon's Den

Dragons' Den S21,22-02-2024,8,Touker Souleyman,BBC Studios,Screen grab
Dragons' Den star Touker Souleyman did not understand what a ready meal was. (BBC)

Touker Souleyman had to have the concept of supermarket ready meals explained to him. The 70-year-old multi-millionaire was confused by a pitch from a food app Cook My Grub that delivers home cooked gourmet meals to order, as he admitted he is used to private chefs.

Souleyman asked: "So I've got to decide 24 hours in advance what I want to eat?! And normally I decide an hour before."

Sara Davies tried to explain: "I'm going to save you something. It's a ready meal, So you put it in the microwave. Just like going to the supermarket and looking on the shelves. But you're looking online and they make it once you've ordered it." Souleyman replied: "Oh! I thought it was going to come prepared with the chef and the whole thing. Perhaps I'm spoiled. I don't go to supermarkets. I don't buy ready meals."

Bartlett quipped: "We don't all have private chefs." And Davies exclaimed: "How the other half live, eh?!" And winked at the entrepreneurs.

The Dragons were impressed with the concept, but decided not to invest.

Dragon's Den airs on BBC One at 8pm on Thursday.

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