Debris Flies as Possible Tornado Approaches Selma

Significant damage was reported after severe thunderstorms swept across Selma, Alabama, on Thursday, January 12, according to the National Weather Service.

Video taken by Caleb LeGrone shows debris fly above a Walmart parking lot in northeast Selma as heavy winds picked up on Thursday afternoon.

The National Weather Service said that thunderstorms producing hail and winds of at least 70 mph will continue through Thursday evening and urged residents to seek shelter. Credit: Caleb LeGrone via Storyful

Video transcript

- There it is.

- That'll travel towards here.

CALEB LEGRONE: We have a tornado, tornado in Selma, coming right over Walmart looks like. This is to the east looking back coming from the west.

- Do you not see that? Please.

- Get off it now, bro.

- Park next to it.


CALEB LEGRONE: What I'm talking about. Look at the tornado.

- Everybody told me that they're going to go down low.

CALEB LEGRONE: Look at the debris up in there.


It's tearing some stuff up. Look at all that debris up in there. Wow. Look at the debris. Look at that debris up in there.

- What?

- All the way up there.