Decision on new Aldi, Costa drive-thru and food hall to be taken next week

How the new food hall and apartment complex could look on Market Street, Hyde
How the new food hall and apartment complex could look on Market Street, Hyde -Credit:Copperleaf Group Ltd

A new Aldi superstore and a Costa drive-thru are set to get the go-ahead in Hattersley, if the planning panel approve it.

The Tameside Council planning panel is due to convene on April 17 where they will have the final say on the plans. In addition to the store and coffee shop, 16 electric vehicle charging points and eight new employment units are also planned for the site adjacent to Stockport Road and Ashworth Lane.

The 57,000 sq ft scheme also includes 179 car parking spaces. It is just a stone’s throw away from another supermarket in Tesco as well as a McDonald’s drive-thru, Premier Inn hotel and pub.

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Proposals for dozens more houses and a town centre food hall for Hyde are also to be decided by the panel. A new 12-home supported living complex is also awaiting a decision.

Each item on the agenda has been recommended for approval by planning officers.

Here is more detail on each item on the agenda on Wednesday…

New Aldi and Costa Drive-thru for Hattersley

-Credit:Copyright Unknown
-Credit:Copyright Unknown

A new Aldi supermarket alongside a Costa drive-thru on a new retail park is set to be approved by the planning panel.

The site would be accessed from a new entrance onto Stockport Road with eight eight employment units as well as electric vehicle charging facilities. The food store would

be located to the north of the entrance and the drive through café to the south.

Each section of the site would have their own car parks totalling up to 179, with the majority of the parking spaces dedicated to the supermarket (120).

If planning is approved the applicants, Maple Grove Developments Limited and Onward Homes, say the 57,000 sq ft could be delivered within 18 months and deliver more than 100 jobs.

Planning documents read: “The supporting statement identifies that the development would give rise to significant economic benefits including the creation of some 125 full and part-time local jobs as well as various other indirect jobs in construction and the supply chain. It is envisaged that the development would be delivered within 18 months of obtaining planning permission.”

New apartment block to replace car garage

McKenzie Garages, Kirkley Street, Hyde
McKenzie Garages, Kirkley Street, Hyde -Credit:Copyright Unknown

McKenzie’s Garage site in Hyde is set to be demolished and replaced with a new apartment block.

Mr McKenzie applied for outline permission from Tameside Council to get rid of the 32 flat roof garages and build a three-storey apartment block containing 14 homes. The building would sit at the west of the Kirkley Street site with parking to the north and south.

A small number of representations have been submitted regarding the plans.

Concerns raised by locals relate to a loss of sunlight, noise of operation during construction, traffic caused and loss of privacy. Some objectors also believed the development to be too big for the area.

Old Poundstretcher could become food hall and apartment complex

How the new food hall and apartment complex could look on Market Street, Hyde
How the new food hall and apartment complex could look on Market Street, Hyde -Credit: Copperleaf Group Ltd

The Poundstretcher on the main high street in Hyde could be transformed into a new food hall alongside an apartment complex, if the panel approves the plan.

Applicants Copperleaf Group Ltd said the food hall would be 710 sqm in size with the first floor cut back to create a large mezzanine for diners across two storeys. The food hall would support a variety of small, medium and large stalls arranged around a central seating area.

A commercial kitchen and toilet block would be provided on a mezzanine area, in addition to seating which overlooks the main entrance - just as it does in Mackie Mayor in Manchester city centre.

Above the food hall would sit the apartment complex, comprising 21 homes. Currently the site faces Market Street where there is a mix of retail and food and drink outlets on offer.

Planning documents read: “The applicants state that it is their hope that the food hall will provide a catalyst for greater social enterprise in the town centre, to draw those who might not otherwise come to Hyde.

“They state that there is great precedent for this across the country and that Hyde could benefit greatly.”

Only four letters of objection have been received by the council on this issue, which suggest there are already too many food places in Hyde town centre as well as concern over the lack of available parking and additional traffic. Objectors also raised concerns over the possible impact on house prices as well as the noise resulting from the potential new punters coming in.

New 12-home temporary supported living complex for Hollingworth

The village of Hollingworth is expected to become the new home of a temporary supported living complex for vulnerable people, if plans are approved.

The building, known as the Hollies, on Spring Street would be transformed into supported affordable housing offered on a temporary basis. The building would contain 12 one-bed units, with a dedicated staff area, communal lounges, landscaping and car parking.

Jigsaw Homes explained in their planning documents that this is specifically targeted at addressing a requirement for one- bedroom accommodation, and the development would form part of an approach to deliver a mixed affordable housing offer.