'I deeply regret this': Selma Blair apologises for viral Islamophobic comment

'I deeply regret this': Selma Blair apologises for viral Islamophobic comment

Actress Selma Blair has apologised after a backlash for posting anti-Islam comments online.

The Legally Blonde star, 51, who is Jewish, shared a lengthy statement on Instagram following a now-deleted comment on a post by a supporter of immigration reform, Abraham Hamra, who had criticised Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush for voting against a measure banning anyone who took part in the 7 October attack on Israel from immigrating to the US.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Blair’s comment read in part: “Deport all these terrorist supporting goons. Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroyed minds.”

Her words attracted widespread condemnation, including from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which called the remarks “hateful and ignorant”.

On Tuesday, Blair posted an apology, writing: “In my comment, I mistakenly and inadvertently conflated Muslims with radical Islamists and fundamentalists, a terrible err[or] in my words, and resulted in hurting countless people I never meant to, and I deeply regret this.”

She added: “Hate and misinformation are amplified so easily these days. This time by my own hands. In this instance, I erred in my writing and I fully recognize how I contributed to the Muslim community being understandably very upset … I am dedicated to tolerance and peace for all who want it – not hate. I apologize to those in the Muslim community who I offended with my words. I apologise to my friends. And I apologize to anyone I hurt.”

She concluded her post by vowing to “do better” going forward.