Definitive history of Hull derby between FC and KR as hostilities resumed for 246th clash

Hostilities will be resumed on Saturday afternoon as Hull's two professional rugby league clubs go head-to-head once again. Hull FC host Hull KR for the 246th meeting of the local rivals, with the away side clear favourites after contrasting campaigns to date.

History will tell us to not read anything into the form book, with a catalogue of surprises down the years. But what else does history tell us about this famous game?

The city rivals first locked horns in a competitive fixture at Craven Street in 1899, a game Rovers won 8-2. In the 125 years that have passed, countless players have written their names into derby folklore, but who has played in the most derby games, who are the top derby scorers, and which of the two sides can boast the proudest record? We’ve got all the answers to those questions and so much more. With the help of Hull FC historian Bill Dalton, we can bring you the definitive derby statistical history.

Hull FC are currently leading the overall derby head-to-head and will be able to boast that record for some years to come, having won 13 more games than the Robins, but in the Super League era, they are only one game ahead now after Rovers won the two previous meetings this season.

Since moving to the MKM Stadium and Rovers' return to the Super League in 2007, derby wins have been fairly evenly shared, with FC winning 24 and KR 23 of the 47 Super League encounters.

Hull FC legend Kirk Yeaman has scored the most derby tries in history, while Danny Tickle sits at the top of the all-time points scorers after his stints for both Hull clubs.

Below is the full list of derby records. The records are from competitive games only.

Games played

Hull FC wins: 124
Hull KR wins: 111
Draws: 10
Hull FC points scored: 3,247
Hull KR points scored: 3,015

Hull FC after their derby loss to Hull KR.
Fans together at the 1980 Challenge Cup final

Record by competition

Northern Rugby Football League - Played 112 (FC 60 wins, KR wins 44, draws 8)

War League - Played 4 (FC wins 4, KR wins 0)

Yorkshire Senior Comp - Played 4 (FC wins 2, KR wins 2)

Division 1 (1902-05) - Played 6 (FC wins 2, KR wins 4)

Division 1 (1962-64) - Played 4 (FC wins 0, KR wins 4)

Division 1 (1973-95) - Played 32 (FC wins 16, KR wins 15, draws 1)

Division 1 Premiership - Played 2 (FC wins 1, KR wins)

Division 2 (1973-95) - Played 2 (FC wins 0, KR wins 1, draws 1)

Eastern Division - Played 2 (FC wins 0, KR wins 2)

Championship Play Off - Played 1 (FC wins 1, KR wins 0)

Premiership Play Off - Played 2 (FC wins 0, KR wins 2)

Super League - Played 47 (FC wins 24, KR wins 23)

Challenge Cup - Played 11 (FC wins 6, KR wins 5)

Yorkshire Cup - Played 11 (FC wins, KR wins 5)

John Player Trophy - Played 2 (FC wins 1, KR wins 1)

BBC2 Floodlit Trophy - Played 3 (FC wins 1, KR wins 2)

Hull FC fans celebrate after their sides win in the Derby
Hull FC after their derby loss to Hull KR. -Credit:Dave Greaves

Record by ground

The Boulevard: Played 94 (FC wins – 55, KR wins 31, 8 draws)

Craven Street: Played 21 (FC wins – 12, KR wins 8, 1 draws)

Craven Park (Holderness Road): Played 61 (FC wins – 21, KR wins 39, 1 draws)

New Craven Park (Preston Road): Played 23 (FC wins – 11, KR wins 12)

Boothferry Park: Played 10 (FC wins – 7, KR wins 3)

Headingley: Played 5 (FC wins – 2, KR wins 3)

Wembley Stadium: Played 1 (FC wins – 0, KR wins 1)

Millennium Stadium: Played 3 (FC wins – 0, KR wins 3)

City of Manchester Stadium: Played 3 (FC wins – 1, KR wins 2)

St James’ Park: Played 4 (FC wins – 4, KR wins 0)

MKM Stadium: Played 19 (FC wins – 10, KR wins 9)

Totally Wicked Stadium: Played: 1 (FC wins - 1, KR wins 0)

Highest Scores

The highest score recorded by either team is the 56 points registered by Hull in their 56-12 Super League win at the KCOM Stadium on Good Friday last year. That is also the Black and Whites' widest margin of victory.

Rovers’ highest score is the 42 knocked up in a 42-6 Super League success at the KCOM Stadium in 2007. The Robins' widest margin is their 40-0 success at the MKM Stadium in 2023.

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Lowest Scores

Hull have failed to score in 16 derby encounters. Rovers have been ‘nilled’ on eight occasions. Hull recorded ‘ducks’ in both League encounters in the 1902-03 Season.

In the history of the derby contests, the accolade of holding the ‘highest score’ tag has only changed hands on five occasions.

After the initial season in 1899–1900, when Rovers won the first game by 8-2, Hull countered that with scores of 11 and 20 in the two matches the following year.

Rovers surpassed that by a single point in 1906–07; Hull, in turn, scored a 33-7 victory at the Boulevard in 1908-09 before Rovers turned the tables later in the season with a 35-4 success.

They raised the bar again to 39 points in 1924-25 and to 42 in 2007. So when Hull recorded their 44 points in 2008, it was the first time in 99 years that Hull held the title of the highest derby score.

Most derby appearances

40: Danny Houghton (Hull FC)
32 Ned Rogers (Hull FC)
30: Peter Flanagan (Hull KR)
28: Clive Sullivan (18 FC, 10 KR)
28: Mick Scott (Hull FC)
28: Phil Lowe (Hull KR)
27: Mike Smith (Hull KR)
26: Kirk Yeaman (Hull FC)
25: Laurie Osbourne (Hull KR)
25: Jack Spamer (Hull KR)
24: Johnny Whiteley (Hull FC)
24: Gilbert Auston (Hull KR)
24: Tommy Harris (Hull FC)
24: H Bowman (Hull FC)
24: E Caswell (Hull FC)
24: J Cook (Hull KR)
24: A Moore (Hull KR)

Most derby tries

17: Kirk Yeaman (Hull FC)
15: Ivor Watts (Hull FC)
12: Clive Sullivan (9 FC, 3 KR)
11: Mike Smith (Hull KR)
9: Ned Rogers (Hull FC)
9: George Bateman (8 FC, 1 KR)
8: Johnny Whiteley (Hull FC)
8: John Moore (Hull KR)
8: Graham Paul (Hull KR)
8: Phil Hogan (Hull KR)

Most derby goals

66: Cyril Kellett (Hull KR)
61: Danny Tickle (56 FC, 5 KR)
55: Marc Sneyd (Hull FC)
47: Michael Dobson (Hull KR)
44: John Maloney (Hull FC)
39: Joe Oliver (37 FC, 2 KR)

Most derby points

138: Danny Tickle (128 FC, 10 KR)
132: Cyril Kellett (Hull KR)
113: Marc Sneyd (Hull FC)
103: Michael Dobson (Hull KR)
95: Joe Oliver (Hull FC)
88: John Maloney (Hull FC)
86: Mike Fletcher (Hull KR)

Hull KR's Danny Tickle against Hull FC.
Hull FC fans celebrate after their sides win in the Derby -Credit:News Images

Most tries in a derby game

4: Tommy Glynn (1945)
4: Ivor Watts (1953, 1956)

Ivor Watts is the only player to score two derby hat-tricks, and Frank Hurley (Australian), Tevita Vaikona (Tongan) and Fetuli Talanoa are the only overseas players to register hat-tricks.

18 players have scored a derby hat-trick, the most recent players being Ryan Hall, Mikey Lewis, Jack Logan, Kieran Moss, Fetuli Talanoa, Thomas Minns, and Jordan Turner.

Most goals in a derby game

10: Marc Sneyd - Hull FC (2019)
8: Garry Schofield – Hull FC (1984)
7: John Maloney – Hull FC (1971)
7: Danny Tickle – Hull FC (2013)
7: Roger Millward – Hull KR (1969)
7: Steve Hubbard – Hull KR (1980)
7: Cyril Kellett – Hull KR (1964)

Most points in a derby game:

20: Marc Sneyd - Hull FC (2019)
18: Gary Pearce – Hull FC (1989)
16: Garry Schofield – Hull FC (1984)
16: John Dorahy – Hull KR (1986)