Delivery Driver Fixes Christmas Display Outside Fort Worth Home

A Ring camera captured the moment a delivery driver picked up a Christmas tree that had fallen over outside a home in Fort Worth, Texas, on November 29.

Tara Massey owns the camera that recorded the considerate gesture and posted the video to Facebook. Massey told Storyful her Christmas tree fell over during a cold front that brought strong winds.

“Late that night we received an Amazon delivery and before taking a picture of the package, the driver was kind enough to pick up our tree and stand it back in its place,” she said.

She added that she decided to share the footage because she felt the driver went “above and beyond to take the time to take care of our decoration.”

“Not only was he working in cold and windy temperatures, but it’s his busiest time of year! I appreciate the kind gesture and would love to see more uplifting content in the news during the holiday season,” she said. Credit: Tara Massey via Storyful

Video transcript