Demands For Dating Site Safety Checks After Seven-Time Rapist Jailed For Life


The judge who sentenced dating site rapist Jason Lawrance to life in prison has called for a review of internet dating safety measures.

After jailing Lawrance, who attacked women he met online, Judge Gregory Dickinson QC expressed concern that four of the victims had made complaints to before three other women were raped.

Judge Dickinson said: “The seriousness of this case provides both the need and the opportunity to learn something and to take steps to increase protection for others in the future.

"It does seem to me that, in this age of easy access to data and records, there should be a system which allows one authority to be a central point of contact for any complaint of this nature.

"Most if not all of the victims had not tried to hide from their families and friends that they were on a dating site - they had told them that they were meeting the defendant.

"It does seem to me consideration should be given to a system of automatic referral to the police or some other central agency of any complaint that is made.”


Review: Judge Dickinson wants more safety measures in place for dating sites (Match)

In a statement issued after the hearing, said: "We are very sorry for those affected, and appalled by these terrible acts.

“Sadly, there is a tiny minority of people who set out to harm others.

"While this is not confined to dating sites or even the internet, those who do so should be convicted and sentenced, as has happened in this case.

"Our members’ safety is our highest priority.” added that it was committed to working with the dating industry as a whole to raise standards and ensure the best possible protection and support for its users.

Lawrance showed no emotion in the dock as he was ordered to serve at least 12 years and six months before he can be considered for release.

The 50-year-old, from Liphook, Hampshire, was also made the subject of restraining orders banning him from making any future attempt at direct or indirect contact with his victims.

Judge Dickinson described the former amateur boxer as “devious, manipulative and highly dangerous to women”.

Lawrance was convicted of five counts of rape, one of sexual assault and an attempted rape.

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