Demi Moore speaks out over 'graphic nude scenes' in new movie

demi moore
Demi on 'graphic nude scenes' in The SubstanceGetty Images

Demi Moore has spoken out about filming graphic nude scenes with Margaret Qualley, following the premiere of new movie The Substance.

Shown for the first time at the annual Cannes Film Festival on 19th May, The Substance stars Moore as Elizabeth Sparkle, a fading Hollywood actor who fears her career is about to end, and so she signs up to a mysterious new medical regime called The Substance which promises to create a younger, more perfect and better version of her, played by Qualley.

In the movie there is a particular graphic scene in which Moore and Qualley's characters have a naked bloody fight. And since the debut of the movie, Moore has defended the scene and graphic nature of the film, explaining how comfortable she felt shooting with Qualley.

While speaking, as per The Hollywood Reporter, at the press conference for The Substance at Cannes yesterday (20th May), Moore said: "I had someone who was a great partner. We were obviously quite close at some moments…and naked. But there was also a levity [in shooting those scenes].”

She continued saying the film "pushed me out of the comfort zone" and that the graphic scenes were "necessary to tell this story" and that they approached the scenes with "a lot of sensitivity”.

demi moore
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The film, which received a 13 minute standing ovation at the festival, was written and directed by Coralie Fargeat.

During the press conference Moore also defended the filmmaker's decision to portray each male character as a variant of toxic masculinity, explaining: "We’re not anti-men, we’re anti-jerks."

And Dennis Quaid, who plays one of the said men in the movie, Harvey a TV producer, also defended Fargeat, adding: "People say [Fargeat] hates men. No, she hates assholes. But assholes are so fun to play.”

So far there's been no confirmed UK release date for The Substance, but you best believe we'll be queuing up at the cinema when it does arrive.

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